We all understand Crystal Reef is supervisor underrated, but that probably way you barely understand anything about it.

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UAT wants to fix that.

˗ˏˋTable Of materials ˊˎ˗

1. Around Crystal Reef In pet Jam


2. About The crystal Reef’s Journey book Animal’s IRL


3. Games


˗ˏˋ 1. Around Crystal Reef ˊˎ˗

Basic Information

Crystal Reef was released September 15th, 2011 as an underwater land. The is a coral reef kind of habitat, this is what it is best known for. That is on the smaller side the lands and it can be found right listed below Crystal Sands. One of the land"s key attractions is Flippers N" Fins. It likewise has the renowned game Eat Em" Up. A special part of the land is it has an effect made by a silhouette of some coral on the sides.


Fun Facts

-Crystal Reef and also Bahari only share the same music

-This floor does no have any kind of shops except the pets shop

-The prize for completing the journey publication page is a pufferfish plush. The plush is an interactive item

-It is often taken into consideration the most vivid land

-It is the the smallest underwater land

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˗ˏˋ 2. Around The crystal Reef’s Journey publication Animal’s IRL ˊˎ˗


Humpback Whales

-Fully grown males average around 43-46 ft (13-14m)

-A humpback whale is a varieties of baleen whale.

-Humpback whales diet is composed of little fish and krill.

-The Humpback Whale’s clinical name is “Megaptera novaeangliae”



-Pufferfish have the right to be be poisonous to humans.

-Pufferfish fill their incredibly elastic stomach v water. This provides it lot larger and also scares away predators.

-A Pufferfish’s diet commonly consist of algae and little invertebrates.

-Many varieties of Pufferfish can change the shade of their patterns.


Feather Duster Worm

-Feather Duster Worms can very in dimension from really tiny come 2.5 customs (10 cm)

-Feather-duster worms have a crown of feeding appendages or radioles in 2 fan-shaped clusters projecting from your tubes as soon as under water.


Tube Sponges

-Tube sponges are usually uncovered in the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf that Mexico.

-Some animals live inside the protective lumen the the tube sponge.



-The Swordfish it s okay its surname from its invoice which each other a Sword.

-Swordfish mean in size approximately 9.8 ft (3m).

-A Swordfish’s life expectations is about 9 years.

-Swordfish feeding on different kinds the fish, squid, and also crustaceans.

-Swordfish do not swimming in schools. Even if they perform swim with one more Swordfish they space a great distance from each other.


Brain Corals

-Brain Corals are given the name “Brain Coral” simply due to the fact that they look choose a Brain.

-Brain Corals are found in shallow warmth coral reefs.

-Brain Coral feeding on tiny drifting animals and algae.


Staghorn Corals

-The Staghorn Coral’s scientific name is “Acropora cervicornis.”

-A Staghorn is recognized to grow pretty fast with branches enhancing 3.9-7.9 inches a year (10-20 cm)


-Clownfish have a symbiotic, mutualistic relationship with anemones. Lock Clownfish is defended by the anemones tentacles the does not sting the Clownfish yet other predators. The Clownfish defends the Anemone native parasites and also predators. Castle may also lure prey towards the anemone so the the anemone deserve to eat it.

-Clownfish, in ~ some allude in your life, can adjust their gender.

-Clownfish are also called Anemonefish.



-Lobsters have actually three bag of legs, 3 of those have actually claws, and also the an initial is quite bigger then the others.

-Lobsters prey on fish, mollusks, some plant like, and other crustaceans.

-Lobsters are found in all oceans.



-Flounders diet consists of fish, crustaceans, and polychaetes.

-Flounders are a group of flatfish species.



-Barnacles do not have actually a heart or gills. Lock absorb oxygen from directly from the water.

-Barnacles connect themselves to difficult substances

-Barnacles dwell continually in their shells. They draw plankton into their shell and then eat it.

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-Most Stingrays have actually one or an ext barbed stingers on their tail i beg your pardon are offered for self defense.