centregalilee.com YOUTUBE PHENOMENON The Cactus Cuties source from a vocal training program of Don and also Terri Caldwell’s historical Cactus theater in Lubbock, Texas. At one time, there were 19 girls in the group, however it was too tough to manage that variety of girls if traveling.

The Caldwell’s daughter, Cameron, came home from college and also began working through a younger group of girls known today together The Cactus Cuties. Also at their young ages, the girls room seasoned veterans. For the last five years, they have actually delighted audiences with their harmonies and charismatic presence.

When they performed The Star Spangled Banner for the an initial time in ~ Texas Tech, Madeline’s grand recorded the performance and posted that on YouTube to show a family members member. They were surprised to learn that others wanted to check out it too! After 3 months, their plan garnered 5 million access time on YouTube. Soon they were gaining calls indigenous The Today display to perform. “We room amazed that us bless so many people,” claims Baylee. One soldier in Afghanistan love it so much that he play the song over the loudspeaker ~ above the base. Cameron claims Americans song the national anthem numerous times without understanding or understanding the meaning behind it. When the girl learned what the track was important about, they determined to create a book about it dubbed Oh, Say carry out You Know? The book is the story of Francis Scott an essential and features the Cuties’ to sing the nationwide anthem plus two bonus song on CD.

THE girls Andi Kitten started singing in ~ 3 years old. By the time she to be 6, she was singing for her church and at community events. She was crowned “Little miss out on Lubbock” and also joined The Cactus Cuties. Currently 11, Andi proceeds to be a featured vocalist at the Cactus theater for assorted productions. Baylee Barrett has actually been to sing publicly since she to be 4 year old. Now 14, Baylee has hundreds of performances to her credit. She’s won two neighborhood pageants and also earned the location of “Diamond Miss” and also “Petite miss Lubbock.” She is the oldest of the group. In 2004, Baylee damaged her neck from a trampoline accident. After month of rehab and a cold outlook, Baylee do a full recovery! Blaire Ebert, 11, began vocal lessons with Cameron once she was 5 years old. After ~ a year, she join The Cactus Cuties. As soon as Cameron well-known a herbal break in Blaire’s voice, she presented her come the art of yodeling. She has actually been a featured performer for occasions such as Texas tech Distnguished Alumni Gala, 4th on Broadway and many Cactus theater productions. Madeline Powell is 9 years old and has been to sing regularly because she to be 4. Her passion for to sing is practically matched by she love the acting. She play the lead role of Edwina in “Dear Edwina” and other duties in “Father that the Bride” and “Father’s little Surprise.” once she was 5, Madeline saw and also fell in love through “Cats” and also has to be captivated by Broadway musicals ever since.

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The girl stand, left come right dealing with the audience, indigenous tallest to shortest: Baylee, Blaire, Andi and Madeline. For more information or to obtain the book, please visit www.thecactuscuties.com