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Signature Certification

Some creates require signature certification. The is, the customer's signature top top these develops must it is in certified through a human who qualifies as a certifying individual.

Who qualifies together a certifying individual? Please check out below.

Certification in the joined States

For certifications in ~ the unified States, the certifying individual have to be authorized to bind his or her college by his or she acts, to insurance signatures come assignments the securities, or to certify assignments that securities. The complying with table gives a list of authorized certifying individuals and also the required proof of authority. Members the Treasury-recognized signature insurance programs room for protection transfers only.

Who deserve to certify signatures in the U.S. Proof of certifying individual"s government
(1) Officers and also employees the depository institutions, such together banks (i) We need the institution"s seal or signature guarantee stamp. (ii) If the school is an authorized payment agent because that U.S. Save Bonds, we call for a legible imprint that the paying agent"s stamp.
(2) institutions that space members that Treasury— known signature guarantee program (for protection transfers only) We need the imprint that the signature guarantee stamp, i.e., the STAMP, SEMP, or MSP stamp for members of the Securities deliver Agents Medallion Program, the share Exchanges Medallion Program, or the new York stock Exchange Inc. Medallion Signature Program.
(3) Officers and also employees that corporate central credit unions, commonwealth Land Banks, federal Intermediate credit transaction Banks and Banks because that Cooperatives, the central Bank for Cooperatives, and Federal home Loan Banks We need the entity"s seal.
(4) i was delegated or warrant policemans of the joined States armed Forces, because that signatures enforcement by equipped Forces personnel, civilian field employees, and also members of your families (i) We require a statement the the human being executing the assignment is one whose signature the officer is authorized come certify under ours regulations. (ii) The certifying official"s rank need to be shown.
(5) A judge or clerk of a U.S. Court We call for the seal the a U.S. Court.
(6) other persons together designated through the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner of budget Service Evidence is determined by our procedures.

Certification external the unified States

The following table lists the authorized certifying individuals for international countries and also the required evidence of the individual's authority.

Who deserve to certify signatures outside the U.S. Evidence of certifying individual"s government
(1) United states diplomatic or consular officials (i) We call for the seal or stamp of the office. (ii) If over there is no seal or stamp, climate we require certification by some various other authorized individual, under seal or stamp.
(2) Managers and also officers of international branches the U.S. Depository institutions and institutions that room members the Treasury-recognized signature guarantee programs (for protection transfers only) We call for the seal that the depository institution, or the imprint of the signature insurance stamp, i.e., the STAMP, SEMP, or MSP stamp for members that the Securities deliver Agents Medallion Program, the stock Exchanges Medallion Program, or the new York share Exchange incorporated Medallion Signature Program.

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(3) Notaries Public and also other officers authorized to provide oaths, listed their government is certified through a United says diplomatic or consular official (i) We require the main seal or rubber stamp of the office. (ii) If over there is no seal or stamp, the position need to be certified by some other authorized individual, under seal or stamp, or otherwise verified to ours satisfaction.