Shakira is a massively popular singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer from Colombia. She is known and also loved around the world by her numerous fans however much about her past and childhood is preserved secret.

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While it is recognized that Shakira to visit a Catholic high school in Colombia as a teen, the special, of she education background are a little vague and also nonspecific. The singer attend an unnamed Catholic college in the early 1990s.

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After high school and also the runaway success of her career, Shakira continued her greater education and even opened some institutions of she own.

Shakira’s at an early stage Life

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia ~ above February 2, 1977. Her mom is Nidya del Carmen Ripoll Torrado and also her dad is wilhelm Mebarak Chadid.

Shakira is one of plenty of kids. She has eight half-brothers and also sisters.

How does Shakira stay In Shape?

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Does Shakira create Her own Songs?

The singer was intrigued through performing in ~ a young age and penned her an initial poem at 4 years old. She was offered a typewriter in ~ the period of seven and soon began writing an ext poems and also her very first songs.

Shakira ended up being hooked on dancing together a four-year-old. She joined in through a ship dancing group one night when her father took her to a middle Eastern restaurant.

After that event, Shakira was completely specialized to performing. Unfortunately, she was rejected native her institution choir and also was called she sounded favor “a goat.”

A few short years later, Shakira’s tough work to be noticed by theatre producer Monica Ariz. Ariz associated Shakira with Sony Music Colombia whereby she was signed for a three-album deal.

Shakira’s Schooling

Shakira exit her very first album, Magia, in 1991 when she was still a teenager. The album contained songs the singer had been writing because she was only 8 years old.

The document did fine on the radio in Colombia but failed to sell countless copies. Other performers, like global superstar Ricky Martin, took notice of Shakira in those early days and she started gaining a following.

Her second album, Peligro, was released in 1993 but the singer to be unhappy with the production and also refused to encourage it. The was likewise a commercial failure.

Records of Shakira’s life at the time became a little vague however it is famed that she took a rest from recording after her second album so she might attend and finish high school.

The name of Shakira’s high school has actually never been divulged however it has been shown that she attended a Catholic school somewhere in she home country of Colombia. At the time, her career was placed on host so she can focus on her studies.

After graduating from the unnamed high school, Shakira got hard at occupational on her third album which would certainly be titled Pies Descalzos.

The album was seen as a “last chance” for the performer. Luckily, it came to be a huge hit and launched she career front in a major way.

Over the next few years, Shakira would release many albums and started a partnership with mega-producer Emilio Estefan. She then had actually her sights collection on the American market and also began creating music in English.

Shakira’s fifth album, laundry Service, to be released in America in November 2001. The album to be a big success many thanks to the fight singles “Whenever, Wherever” and “Underneath your Clothes.”

Since that album’s release, Shakira’s an international stardom has been secured and intensified by many smash singles and significant performances, consisting of at Super key LIV.

Continued Learning

Even despite Shakira had become an international sensation, she still had actually some personal goals she want to accomplish. Constantly interested in the civilization at large, Shakira made decision she wanted to store going come school.

Years right into her career, the Colombian popular music star attended a course at UCLA in California to further her education. The course she sat in ~ above was advent to western Civilization: old Civilizations indigenous Prehistory come Circa A.D. 843.

Intent on simply learning and also not illustration attention to herself, Shakira was often disguised throughout class. Students and also the professor didn’t recognize the singer.

Course lecturer Robert Cleve stated that Shakira often questioned the course material v him and also was “just an simple student.”

The singer’s dedication to discovering isn’t just around her own. Shakira has actually opened seven colleges for impoverished youngsters in she home nation of Colombia.

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Shakira created the Pies Descalzos structure and has been building schools across the country for end 20 years. The singer concentrates on rural and also impoverished locations to build her institutions to improve the country’s low education and also high poor rates.