The Bella Coola Tribe background often described as Nuxalk were well-known as Bella Coola due to the location where they lived, which to be Bella Coola brother Columbia. Their dwellings were along the Bella Coola coastline of Canada and also the united States. This people was known well for their creation of the totem poles the were sculpted into an pet which to be symbolic the guardian spirits. In ~ the Nuxalk tribe, girlfriend will uncover four various tribes of indians which were the Kimsquit, Tallheo, Stoic, and also the Kwalhna.

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Bella Coola tribe History

Before any outsiders arrived there were close to 35,000 in the tribe. The smallpox epidemic fight the tribe and also decreased the number to approximately 300. Numerous of the Bella Coola people were thrust out that the area by the room of Indian Affairs and also created a kind of preventive which is now well-known as the Bella Coola Valley but is eastern of the town recognized by the very same name.

Bella Coola Housing

The Bella Coola Tribe background created houses from red cedar trees and formed them right into Plankhouses often built over a large pit that would be home to the whole tribe approximately 1,000 individuals. The residences themselves to be usually between 20 to 60 feet vast and between 50 and 150 feet in length. The residences did not have actually windows, yet slots in the roofs so fresh air might entire the dwelling. The entrance generally had piece of totem poles that confirmed the history, mythology, or the clan that those that dubbed the homes home.

Bella Coola Diet

Due to their place along the coastline, their key food source was fish including rainbow trout, steelhead trout, five types of salmon, Pacific herring, eulachon, cutthroat trout and others. The eulachon was offered as a grease and was a an extremely important clip for their food supply. Various other items in their diet contained land mammals such as the bear, fowl, deer, and also mountain goat among others. They also ate berries and also hemlock in which castle steamed in addition to skunk cabbage leaves, climate pounded and also dried which was then combined with the eulachon grease.


Bella Coola Religion

The tribe believed in 4 or sometimes human beings which had a center world where people lived, while the mythological ensured the people where the humans lived would continue to be balanced, and also there were number of different divine beings including the premium one being a female and also lived in the sky.

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There were likewise what to be called secret societies in addition to the Soak i m sorry was only for children and also had to be related to specific chiefs the the tribe. This society had ceremonies in i beg your pardon masks were worn. The Kusiut society was based on their link with the supernaturals. Ceremonies including dances favor the fungus, breaker, scratcher, and also cannibal in addition to songs and masks that just symbolized the supernaturals. Every people member had the chance to come to be a Shaman which provided them the strength to healing sickness and also see the dead. Those afflicted were cured by the ghosts that the Shaman can see.

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