“Stop and think the over,” the huge man through the hat and glasses has asked, indigenous a thousand stages, in former of millions of people. “Try to put yourself in mine position.”

We can’t. We have the right to imagine, however we can not know. We can’t understand what it’s prefer to it is in the only son the Hank Williams, the long gone and lonesome singer whose quick life transformed nation music. Us can’t know what it’s choose to be connected to such a transformative pressure by blood and also name yet not by memory, to learn around a famed father native books and photos and also others’ stories: Hank Williams died at age 29, when his child was three-years-old.

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We can’t understand what it was prefer to wrestle with that legacy, to shot to honor every that came before, yet not wind increase a pale approximation that country’s best ghost. Born Randall Hank Williams, but singing together Hank Williams, Jr. Prior to he was 10, the kid never had actually much in the way of a career choice. The an option wasn’t whether he’d sing, however what, how and why. “Other children could pat cowboys and also Indians and also imagine the they’d grow up to it is in cowboys,” he wrote in his life Proof autobiography. “I couldn’t perform that. I knew that I would never thrive up to it is in a cowboy or a fireman or the chairman of the joined States. I knew I’d grow up to it is in a singer. That’s every there ever before was, the just option, indigenous the beginning.”

At the beginning, mom Audrey Williams worked to mold she son into a miniature version of his so late father, and also for two decades he struggled, uncomfortably, to break the mold. As soon as he finally found his very own sound and style, he reached sales plateaus that his father never ever dreamed of: 20 yellow albums, six platinum albums (one that which has sold an ext than five million copies) and 13 chart-topping albums. He has actually been marketing out huge venues because that a longer duration of time 보다 his father spent on earth. He has actually done more than respect his father’s legacy; the has expanded it, enriched it, enhanced it and elevated it. “My name’s a reminder of a blues guy that’s currently gone,” he as soon as sang. Yet the surname “Hank Williams, Jr.” is much more than that.

Randall Hank Williams to be born in Shreveport, Louisiana on may 26, 1949. A month later, his dad made his cool Ole Opry debut, singing “Lovesick Blues” and also drawing six encores. Hank Williams, that nicknamed his boy “Bocephus” ~ comedian stick Brasfield’s ventriloquist dummy, had three and a half years left come live. That spent lot of that time performing because that the fans that would memory his contributions, however during radio performances he would send a post to his boy, closing reflects by saying, “Don’t worry, Bocephus, ns coming home.”

But once Williams came residence in January the 1953, it was in a casket. Audrey Williams to be left v a household to raise, and also with a son who was quickly squealing for a guitar of his own. At age eight, Hank made his music debut, pull on in a black color suit for a Swainsboro, Georgia show, to sing his father’s songs to wild applause. In ~ nine, he to be touring in earnest with his mother’s Caravan of Stars.

“We listened come Hank, Jr. Sing few of the songs which made his dad for this reason famous,” wrote very early reviewer, in 1957. “The similarity of format is haunting. He has actually the very same lonesome quality, the same break in his voice, the exact same pronunciation.”

Raised in Nashville, Hank, Jr. Learned music indigenous the finest of teachers. Earl Scruggs gave him banjo lessons, and also Jerry Lee Lewis proved him piano licks. And with rock ‘n’ roll in full flower, Hank, Jr. Started playing a lot of electrical guitar (though not onstage, whereby he was taught to carry out Hank Williams’ songs, in Hank Williams’ style). At period 11, the made his own Opry debut, walking throughout the exact same wooden board his father had actually walked on, and, just like his daddy, singing “Lovesick Blues” and also encoring.

“Went ~ above the road once I to be eight years old, once I rotate 15 ns was stealing the show,” that wrote, accurately, in his 1987 No. 1 single, “Born come Boogie.” and after stealing the show, he to be often readily available the drinks and also pills that were for this reason prevalent amongst country performers (and that had actually killed his father). Regularly as not, together was family members tradition, he accepted the offers. He’d also accepted a $300,000-per-year record contract, and also at 15 his version of his father’s “Long unable to do Lonesome Blues” climbed come #5 ~ above the nation singles chart. Additionally while 15, he wrote his very first serious composition, a part of autobiography: “I know that I’m not great/ some folks to speak I just imitate/ Anymore, i don’t know/ I’m simply doin’ the ideal I can…..It’s hard standing in the shadow of a very famous man.”

That shadow flourished darker, as Hank, Jr. Gone into his 20s. The pan that came to see him on the road wanted, and expected, him to execute his father’s songs, his father’s way. However he yearned to explore the musical transforms that to be happening in the at an early stage 1970s, the convey of country, blues and rock the made the music of Waylon Jennings and also the Marshall Tucker tape so distinct. He additionally grew increasingly dependent ~ above pills and booze, and increasingly upset around his life’s path. “I just felt every this loneliness and depression,” that told interviewer Peter Guralnick. “I was all tore up around the direction i was heading. Every time I’d play among Daddy’s records, I’d simply start to cry.”

An attempted suicide in 1974 was the short point. Had actually he died then, at 23, his music job would have actually been a historical footnote, an addendum to his father’s story and tiny more. He moved from Nashville to Cullman, Alabama, rethought his life in and also out of music, and also recorded his first truly original work, an album referred to as Hank Williams Jr. And Friends the featured Jennings, the Tucker Band’s Toy Caldwell, and also others that weren’t in the timeless country camp. And Williams’ song “Living Proof” and “Stoned in ~ the Jukebox” were his most searing, emotional works to date. But while prepping for a tour, the went hill climbing in Montana.

“I just had actually to show ‘em i didn’t require ‘em/ and also so ns headed out west to view some old girlfriend of mine,” the would later sing, in “All In Alabama.” “I believed if I’d rise up old Ajax Mountain, probably that would assist me acquire it all off my mind.” It was a nice climb, right up until the part where he dropped down the mountain.

He lived, barely, but emerged disfigured, hurt and, somehow, inspired. After multiple surgeries and a torturous recovery period, that was figured out that he would invest no more time together a Hank Williams retread.

His new music to be a turnoff to part longtime fans, but it was taken on by a brand-new crowd that preferred this recently bearded Bocephus, who, as he sang in “The new South,” “started turning up loud and also looking in ~ the crowd and also bending them guitar strings.” Hank, Jr.’s music was currently rambunctious, forthright and distinctive.

For Hank, Jr., everything readjusted with the 1975 dive off Ajax Mountain. The music world caught on to those changes around 1979, the year he released his very first million-selling album, Whiskey Bent and also Hell Bound, along with his autobiography, life Proof. In the early on 1980s, that catapulted come full-on superstar status, with major hits consisting of “Texas Women,” “Dixie On my Mind,” “All my Rowdy friend (Have settled Down),” and in 1984, “All my Rowdy Friends room Coming end Tonight,” a party anthem special a riotous video that starred Bocephus in conjunction v stars from inside (Merle Kilgore, Porter Wagoner, Kris Kristofferson, etc.) and outside (Cheech and Chong) nation music.

In 1987, Hank, Jr. Won his an initial of five country music entertainment artist of the year awards, and also the two albums released that year – Hank Live and also studio initiative Born to Boogie – to be platinum sellers. Born come Boogie to be the CMA’s album of the year in 1988, the year he won the CMA and ACM’s peak entertainer prize. Hank’s star rose far past the country world in 1989, once manager Merle Kilgore i ordered it a deal with ABC’s Monday Night soccer to have Hank, Jr. Rework “All mine Rowdy Friends are Coming end Tonight” right into a theme song to be played before each Monday’s game. Two years later, the Monday Night template won the very first of four straight Emmy Awards, and also Hank, Jr. Would certainly be the singing voice the Monday Night Football because that 22 years.

With the Monday Night Football transaction in place, Hank Williams, Jr. Was now known to millions who had actually never even listened to nation music, and also he’d come to be an ambassador for the musical genre. He’s organized that place through the 1990s and also up come the present, v hard-charging songs the speak to his truth, his “unique position,” and to our lives. His room-shaking voice is as identifiable to fans together that of his father, and also he has actually passed the household music heritage down to son Shelton and also daughter Holly, both of whom are recording artist in their own right.

“I’ve been a very lucky man,” he is fond the saying, but Hank, Jr. Has actually made his very own luck, and also made his very own way. Offered a possibility to coast on his father’s songs and his father’s royalties, he found a brand-new song to sing, and a new way to sing it.

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The father live 29 years, and also the son spent nearly that long standing in his shadow. However it is what the kid did after turning 29 that has landed that a place in the Nashville Songwriters hall of Fame, that has actually made that a BMI icon award winner, and also one that the best-selling artist in nation music history. By recognize his own an effective voice, by turns rebellious and also vulnerable, the has end up being a music icon. He remains an inspiration to Alan Jackson, child Rock, Jamey Johnson and other followers and also a sure-bet for eventual entry into the country Music room of Fame, whereby his plaque will certainly be shown in perpetuity, as with his daddy’s, just different. Stop and also think the over.