We dug up 7 awesome funny facts about Junie B., the lovely series, writer Barbara Park, and also more—because we can’t get sufficient of Junie B. Jones, it is why!Share this tidbits with your students and take your class behind the scenes right into the rambunctious, kid-favorite series. 1. Many Readers understand What the “B.” stand for, but couple of Know Junie B. Jones’s full Name—or These rare Facts! Junie B. Jones’s complete name is Juniper Beatrice Jones. She was born ~ above June 1—or Junie the First, as she likes to speak to it. Barbara Park admittedly made up the “B.” in Junie B. Top top a lark, after ~ she “ran a bunch that ‘B’ names through head.”Barbara once wrote a “10 Top-Secret personal Facts around Me, Junie B. Through Junie B. Jones” to celebrate the launch of Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, the very first Junie B. Jones book. Below are some of our favorite takeaways native the list:• Junie B.’s favourite food is lemon pie, yet she additionally likes spaghetti and meatballs (or “’pasketti”), whipped cream in a can, and also sugar cookies.

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Her favorite fruits, ~ above the other hand, room fruit loops, cherry Jell-O, grape Kool-Aid, orange Popsicles, strawberry shortcake, blueberry pancakes, and also chocolate-covered raisins. her dream project is to be the janitor of she school, therefore she deserve to save civilization from danger, paint litter cans, and also carry secrets to the bathroom.

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2. Junie B. Jones Has impacted a most Readers everywhere the WorldSince the series was very first published in 1992, much more than 55 million copies of the 28 Junie B. Jones publications have been sold worldwide. These bestselling stories have actually been analyzed into an ext than a dozen languages and also featured by the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Book Sense, USA Today, and more.Barbara Park received an ext than 1,000 fan letters every month! This could have other to execute with the reality that Barbara made Junie B. Therefore relatable—in part, since she was inspired by herself together an elementary school schooler in mountain Holly, brand-new Jersey!In a 2004 interview with USA Today, Barbara revealed that “I to be a an excellent kid, yet I was just very chatty. Teacher were hardly ever entertained, but occasionally a son was, which was sufficient for me. Everything was therefore urgent. I needed to to speak it immediately.”

3. But Like Junie B. Herself, the Books’ Spunkiness periodically Draws CriticismThe same word fumbles and incorrect grammar that assist us see ourselves and other young civilization reflected in Junie B. Also rub some readers the not correct way.Barbara Park when responded to the criticism, saying, “The teachers get and also the kids get it. She five. It would be ridiculous for she to speak the Queen’s English.…She’s a job-related in progress.”We—and numerous other Junie B. Fans—agree! and we especially appreciate the learning avenues that Junie B.’s mistake create. For example, students can stay more grounded in the text by maintaining an eye the end for grammar errors!

Author’s Thoughts

“The teachers gain and the youngsters get it. She five. It would certainly be man for she to speak the Queen’s English.…She is a work-related in progress. Ns am no an writer who trust in a big, hefty moral. Ns think it’s a little insulting.” —Barbara Park, in one Interview with Delia O’Hara

4. Illustrator Denise Brunkus to be the Only choice for Junie B. JonesWhen Cathy Goldsmith, the angry President and Associate publishing Director the Random house / golden Books Young readers Group, was very first choosing an illustrator for Junie B. Jones, she had only Denise Brunkus in mind.“Denise’s samples were the only ones ns presented,” Cathy said. “I had actually one of her postcards on mine bulletin plank for years, and I’d constantly hoped to find something that we can work ~ above together. Her characters have actual attitude—and mindset is what Junie is all about.”Barbara Park authorized of Denise too. “The very an initial illustrations I experienced of Junie B. Jones (in Junie B. Jones and also the Stupid Smelly Bus) brought instant smiles. From the very beginning, i love the feeling of fun Denise brings to she artwork,” Barbara said. 

5. Denise Brunkus Consulted Her nephew to help Perfect Junie B.’s personal Artistic StyleSomething we love about Denise Brunkus is the she does she research! because that an illustration in Junie B. Jones has actually a Peep in her Pocket, Denise wanted to attract Junie B. Proudly showing off picture of a rooster trapped under a fallen tree.In bespeak to assist herself get in the psychic of a an initial grader, Denise “hired” she five-year-old niece to provide the drawing a shot. Junie B.’s illustration in the final publication is a near-identical reproduction!

6. Junie B. Jones Was adjusted Into a music by Music Theatre InternationalJunie B. Jones, the Musical is an original adaptation written by Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich of four Junie B. Jones books. It’s collection up as a peek into Junie B.’s “Top-Secret personal Beeswax Journal” and features Junie B.’s first day of very first grade, she realization the she demands glasses, a friendly cafeteria lady, a kickball tournament, and much more zany real-life scenarios. When schools and also theater troupes everywhere the country have put on the musical, we were yes, really impressed by this 2018 performance by Minnetonka center School West’s sixth graders. If her students love Junie B. And performing, you should examine it out!


7. Judy Blume Is a fan of Junie B.! Barbara Park as soon as said the Judy Blume influenced her to create children’s books. And also once she composed them, she obtained the admiration of Judy Blume herself.“I’m Judy B. And also lots of children just assumed ns was Junie B. Jones and had written the books,” Blume as soon as said in an interview with the Associated Press. “I’d constantly say, ‘I didn’t compose them, however I wish ns had.’”When asked about why she believed the Junie B. Jones series was for this reason popular, Barbara said: “I’ve always thought that the publications are successful since teachers and parents have as much fun with them as their kids. Ns think it’s that simple.”

Judy Blume was among Barbara Park’s literature influences—the other was J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

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Junie B. Jones Is Captain ar Day

by Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Hilarious Chapter-Book series with a Spunky key Character