How does one replace the battery in a 2004 Buick LeSabre that is located under the back seat? there is a battery acid drain coming out of each side close to the peak of the battery close to the terminals that drains come the exterior bottom of the car. Does the lid come off v the drains and one reuses it?Are there any kind of gotchas as soon as one clears the battery that needs to be solved after brand-new battery is installed?By the way, mine 6 year old battery is for sure beautiful. I believed that that was new when I checked it. Ns am certain nobody has ever pulled the ago seat to examine or clean it since I bought that new.

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The suitable DELCO Battery is required. The drains not come off. The brand-new battery MUST have drains that its own, or it will certainly eat her seat cushions.

The proper DELCO Battery is required. The drains dont come off. The brand-new battery MUST have actually drains of its own, or it will certainly eat your seat cushions.
I evaluate the response. However UGHHHH!!!! Not just is the Delco very hard to find however I think the costs about $180. A Buick dealer said me that ns didn"t desire to understand then claimed it would certainly be $245 because that the battery and also $40-45 to install! Yikes! i paid $165 for my very first car. Several of the other merchants like Firestone, Reilly, progressed Auto Parts insurance claim to have actually them (but not Sears or Wal-Mart). However I don"t know if the drains are integral to their batteries or they simply are the ideal size. Any type of thoughts?
Well, Autozones description of the battery actually states "Battery is vented to outside of vehicle. Labor extensive installation, 30 minute installation. Located under rear seat."I would assume (there"s that word...uugh) the they are made to OEM requirements. Our local store reflects them together IN STOCK...and I"m in Podunkville. Won"t hurt come go have a look at see...
You have my sympathy; I constantly cringe as soon as I go out on a jump begin call and it"s one of those and they mention it"s numerous years old. I hate it as soon as they ask about how lot it"ll price them to have actually it replaced.
Doesn"t the manufacturer administer auxiliary terminals for battery clamps and chargers for this reason one doesn"t need to dig right into the inner every time? mine buddy"s Touareg has actually that attribute placed under the hood.
That"s insane! If they couldn"t discover room under the hood ns don"t think I"d also want come look because that spark plugs.

" FAT Chance" ...The factor I know around eating chair cushions is because I to buy A set, after ~ The "Clown" in ~ ***** components store assured me it to be a sealed battery and also The missing vent tubes to be a style change.....(After all these years i should have known better).....APPROACH with CAUTION!!!!! If that doesnt have its very own vents, put it down and walk away. Ns think you space going to uncover that many aftermarket battery dont have actually em". The factor the Buick dealer is so expensive , is because they recognize no-one else has what you need.
" FAT Chance" ...The reason I know around eating chair cushions is due to the fact that I purchase A set, ~ The "Clown" at ***** parts store assured me it was a sealed battery and also The missing vent tubes was a style change.....(After all these years i should have actually known better).....APPROACH through CAUTION!!!!! If the doesnt have actually its own vents, put it down and also walk away. Ns think you room going to discover that most aftermarket battery dont have actually em". The reason the Buick dealer is so expensive , is since they recognize no-one else has actually what friend need.
Exactly mine concern, Unclediezel. Thanks. I"ll make certain that I watch the battery before buying. Why would they architecture such a monstrosity? ns think the Buick stop this.But, in their defense, ns repeat that I have never viewed such a clean 6 year old battery in all of my years of control cars. Particularly one that has actually never been confirm or serviced.
Both advanced Auto Parts and also Auto Zone insurance claim that it is vented to the outside. Whether they space or not needs verification.
Nope, castle still carry out it.... I work-related for Chrysler, and all the Chargers, Magnums, 300"s and also Challengers have them in the trunk......With the vent tubes out the trunk pan..... And Right alongside the Powr circulation block.....Not so much the new ones , however the 4 or 5 year old cars the come in , with the Sears Die-hard, or part unknown "Store brand" due to the fact that the client didnt desire to invest the Bucks ~ above the factory battery, All have corrosion pertains to that wreak havoc from strength antennas that go increase by themselves, seats the recline by themselves, Cars the wont Start...About the only one ns havent watched is the vehicle that start by itself.Its just a dead to see a 3 or 4 hundred dollar seat cover acquire toasted end 50 bucks.

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Yes ~ above the aux terminal; also some cars through the battery under the hood have actually them tucked under something and also you have to use the aux. Sometimes the biggest difficulty using the aux terminal is detect a ground in amongst all the plastic and also fiberglass. Jumped a couple of Beemers with trunk batteries, too, i think.
Got tired of researching so i went to advance Auto components (AAP) and also looked at their battery. AAP had a fine rated battery in customer Reports although they rated a Titanium design versus the Gold i saw. It had the essential vents because that the drainpipe harness with 3 year replace/84 month pro-rate warranty and also a decent 770 CCA for this reason I had them install it. Cost about $134 + tax. After that I detailed that O"Reilly had one because that $95-99 but no cite of installing. I found every one of the variations for AC Delco, O"Reilly. Auto Zone, etc. Confusing. Choose trying come dissect a mite. The man at AAP claimed that 95% of every batteries space made by one company. Native the similar specs and also warranties I would guess the he isn"t much off. Still breaks my heart the the old AC Delco looked brand new but i didn"t want to need to push the Le Sabre the end of the garage part winter (or summer) morning as soon as it didn"t start.Thanks for the help, Guys.Beer 4U2