The just uniquely southerly soda, Cheerwine, deserve to be hard to find. Right here is a perform of grocery stores, restaurants, and much more where girlfriend can acquire Cheerwine.

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Brandi Bangle

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Brandi Bangle

During a shortage of street in 1917, Cheerwine was produced by L.D. Peeler. A St. Luigi salesman sold him the wild cherry flavor, and he was hooked. Peeler called the drink Cheerwine, after its “burgundy-red color and cheery disposition."

Cheerwine soon came to be a southern classic, yet even extended its with to the White House. “Ike likes!” became an notorious phrase because that the brand after chairman Dwight Eisenhower had a taste the the beverage in 1953. Thirty-nine years later, president George H.W. Bush Sr additionally took a liking to the cherry flavor, venturing every the way to Salisbury, phibìc Carolina (the house of Cheerwine) because that a fourth of July celebration. Now, where deserve to you uncover Cheerwine?

What Stores bring Cheerwine?

Nationwide, every Cracker Barrel general Stores, expense Plus people Market (beverage section) and The fresh Market lug Cheerwine glass bottles. Many significant grocery stores likewise carry Cheerwine at pick locations. In Winston-Salem, this contains Food Lion, Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, Publix, Walmart, Target, and also more. Other chains such together Mast basic Store bring the drink to the public too.

I Can"t uncover Cheerwine. What do I Do?

Not every save or place sells Cheerwine though, so the best way to find this uniquely southerly beverage is to usage their Cheerwine locator. Girlfriend can even specifically filter for Cheerwine or Diet Cheerwine in 12 load cans, 2-Liters, 6 fill bottles, and also more.

If the beverage isn’t accessible near you, you can order it here.

Can I carry out Anything Else with Cheerwine?

Brandi Bangle

This southerly drink isn’t just for drinking though (but you can make cocktails and also other drinks with the too). Friend can cook up many different recipes making use of Cheerwine indigenous chicken wings to traction pork, which could be served with a side such together Cheerwine sweet potatoes. To complete off a uniquely southern meal, you can also use Cheerwine to make a tasty bundt cake.

Cheerwine has even teamed increase with various other Southern brand to create delectable desserts on their own. Food Lion, established in Salisbury, north Carolina together well, partnered v Cheerwine in 2002 to produce Cheerwine ice Cream. The line had sherbet, pops, cream bars, and also Cheerwine swirl. Another North Carolina native, Krispy Kreme, helped develop a Cheerwine Doughnut in 2010. The tables rotate in 2016 as soon as Cheerwine Kreme was presented as a limited-time odor of the beverage (in addition to Cheerwine Holiday punch in 2014, and also Cheerwine squeeze in 2015).

What Restaurants serve Cheerwine?

Restaurant partners include chef Out, Bojangles, Cracker Barrel, and also Biscuitville. Various other restaurants also offer the southern beverage. Winston-Salem restaurants include, however are not limited to, Darios, Bib’s Downtown, little Batch, Camel City BBQ, Burke Street Pizza, Cin Cin citizens Bar, and The Loop Pizza Grill. The drink bag so well v barbeque that it is the official soft drink sponsor of nationwide Barbecue & Grilling Association.

Speaking the grilling, Cheerwine and also Cackalacky additionally collaborated to make a marinade and grilling sauce. There are likewise tons of recipes to make your own sauces.

Cheerwine Obsessed?

If you room obsessed v Cheerwine like me, you can make it part of your one-of-a-kind day, as gifts, décor, or celebratory shots (with or there is no alcohol).

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You can likewise celebrate the cherry drink in ~ the yearly Cheerwine Festival in Salisbury, NC, which started in 2017 to celebrate their 100th birthday. Currently that’s southern heritage.