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ahead Generations fourth Gen detect Feebas (Guide) started by Motsuko Live march 30th, 2008 7:48 to be
Finding Feebas
(v1.2)Motsuko LiveHey! Motsuko Live, when again.This is my an initial guide, so bear through me! Today, I will be guiding girlfriend through catching the Pokemon Feebas. This guide is no 100% gauranteed to obtain you a Feebas, however it will definitely raise your opportunities of finding one. Therefore without more ado, let"s begin!Ahh, Feebas. For such a shabby Pokemon, it"s certainly a hard one to get! Why, girlfriend ask? The prize is simple: the evolves right into Milotic, the mermaid Pokemon so plenty of of us have seen. Yes, Milotic is definatley one because that the records. When it"s strike stat might not it is in the greatest, it has actually an significant Sp. Defence and pretty decent HP, making the a good Special Wall. So exactly how do you gain one? Well, choose all an excellent things, we should start tiny and work our way up. Our starting point here, is Feebas.FAQ What is a Feebas?Feebas is, obviously, a Pokemon. It"s prefer a Magikarp; useless when caught, however extremely an effective when evolved. The only difference is it"s harder to find. A lot of harder come find.Why is that so Special?Well actually, it"s really no that special. The just special thing around it is that it"s therefore rare.What is Milotic?Milotic is what Feebas evolves into. Milotic is what us hope to achieve by the finish of this guide.How perform You Evolve Feebas?Feebas is a weird Pokemon to evolve. I will cover evolving Feebas in this guide, also.How lengthy Does it take it to uncover a Feebas?That all relies on how tough you work at it. It took me about 30 minutes to uncover one after making use of the techiniques I"ll cover in this guide, but it could take everywhere from 15 minute to 23:59 hours. Why 29:59? We"ll cover it in this guide. What is the "FFF Routine"?I will cover this extensively in this guide.ToolsRequired:A Fishing Rod: one of two people the Old Rod, an excellent Rod or at sight Rod will certainly work. A combination of the at sight Rod and the an excellent Rod occupational well, but any will do. I wouldn"t recommend using an Old Rod. The Old Rod, an excellent Rod and Super rod are uncovered by speaking to fishermen in Jubilife City, path 209 and also Route 255 respectively. (You need the nationwide Dex in bespeak to attain the at sight Rod).A High Level Pokemon: You will be encountering level 45 and below Pokemon, so a Pokemon at level 50 or above is required.A Pokemon through the move Surf: A Pokemon that knows the move Surf. A few Pokemon who room Surf compatible room Buizel, Psyduck, Seal, Shellos, Sneasel, Tentacool and Wooper.A Pokemon with the move Strength: girlfriend will have to use the move Strength to gain into the area where Feebas is. Just catch a Geodude or something.A Pokemon with the relocate Defog: girlfriend will need to use Defog to settle the chamber Feebas is in. A few Pokemon who are Defog compatible room Wingull, Zubat, Pidgey, Stunky, Starly and Drifloon.Poke Balls: If you setup on catching the Feebas once you conference it, bag Balls or obviously a must. You can additionally use rapid Balls, net Balls, Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, Repeat Balls (if you setup on capturing alot the them), and Nest Balls. These balls will certainly work most effectively. I would certainly recommend around 30 quick Balls and also 10 Ultra Balls.Optional:Poketch + Poketch application No. 4: Poketch application No.4 is available when friend recieve the Poketch. That is a Pedometer, likewise called a "Step Counter".Super Repels: castle don"t need to be at sight Repels. Any Repel will do, yet you get the ideal deal ~ above Supers. Also, Repels will conserve alot that time. If you monitor this guide, you shouldn"t require anymore 보다 five.The Feebas FactorOk, now that us have every little thing we require to record a Feebas, you"re most likely wondering just how we will capture one. To define this to you, I"ll start by introducing you come the Feebas Factor. The Feebas variable is the reason Feebas is so daunting to obtain. Feebas space only uncovered in one location; the Basement of Mt. Coronet. However, the tricky component is they are only discovered in four random tiles of water that differ in every copy the Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. Also, you need to fish because that it; you can"t just surf about until you find one. Sound tricky, doesn"t it? fine it get"s also trickier. The four random tiles readjust daily. Yes, that method that if friend start looking for Feebas at 00:00 in your game, if you fail to uncover one that the tiles Feebas is in before 00:00 the following day, they will certainly reset and also appear in four new locations. So, if you begin Feebas browsing at 00:00, you basically have 23:59 hrs to uncover one. Yet don"t don"t worry, that doesn"t take the long. Well, atleast not when you use The "FFF" routine.

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The Method: "Fish, Fish, Forward!"Getting in beginning PositionNow some of you might be freaking out at this point. Yes, recognize a Feebas sounds very difficult, however it isn"t as tough as that sounds. All it take away is time and patience. So how do you execute it? You"re around to uncover out. An initial off, fly to Celestic Town. Indigenous the Pokemon Center, head west till you get to route 211. Proceed west, past the trainers untill you get to the entrance of Mt. Coronet. Enter it. Once inside Mt. Coronet, throw on a super Repel. Head north till you gain to the big rock. Usage strengh to relocate it up, then when a path is cleared, continue going north. Follow the path, and also go under the stairs in ~ the end. You are currently in the basement of Mt. Coronet; house of Feebas. Upon entering, usage Defog to clean it up. Proceed north till you concerned the very first set the stairs to her right. Go under them and also continue north until you gain to a dead end. Confront east and use Surf. Surf as much north as possible, then as far west together possible. Girlfriend should end up in the top-right edge of water. This is the starting position. However wait! prior to you begin, acquire out the the water and also on come the piece of land simply north that you. Operation along this strip till your loss wears off (If you supplied one). There is no using an additional one, get back in the water and also Surf to the top-right position again. Challenge west. Girlfriend are currently in the starting position, and ready to begin Feebas hunting.Check in spoiler because that a screenshot. (EXTREMELY LARGE). Sorry for poor quality.