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can not be bought indigenous a store.
High Alch: 24 Coins; low Alch: 16 Coins.

30 Woodcutting to achieve (Exp: 67.5); 30 Firemaking to burn (Exp: 90); 35 Fletching to do bows; 32 Divination to create transmute (Exp: 7.3) or 93 to update transmute (Exp: 10); perfect of Enlightened journey for warm Air Balloon travel.
Trees indigenous which to cut Willow logs deserve to be found: West that the barbaric AssaultarenaTo create Willow logs via Transmutation, you require 32 Divination, 2 glow energies, and also 3 Oak logs. Girlfriend will get 7.3 experience.This item deserve to be transmuted right into Maple logs. To perform so, you require 49 Divination, 2 Sparkling energies, and also 3 of these logs. Girlfriend will acquire 10 experience.It calls for 2 logs to develop incense sticks. These space then covered with 2 suitable ashes and also an herb. Watch our Incense section for an ext details.Willow logs can be fletched into the adhering to items:
Fletching level Item Created Experience
30 25 arrowhead shafts 7.5
35 Willow shortbow (u) 33.3
39 Willow stock 22
40 Willow shieldbow (u) 41.5
Quantity RequiredMaterials ReceivedBase Junk Chance
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
basic parts
life components

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