Crafting, uh! What is it an excellent for? for sure NOTHI–… host on, that’s not fairly right. Do is incredibly useful and also some would even go as far regarding call the a necessity. Crafted boots indigenous Avalon seem come be all the rage for higher level wizards for example. Yet to get to those boots, you have to do a entirety lot of crafting pursuits first!

How perform we begin?

Like Molly Misthead, Apprentice Diviner, girlfriend should start by saying hello come Eudora Tangletree in Olde town (you know, where the Bazaar is). Opportunities are you picked up she quest and did it without thinking twice around it.

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Quests required to obtain your very first crafting badge:



Wizards in the Mist: get Mist WoodThe Razor’s Edge: do 2 Daggers that Absolution

1. Wizards in the Mist:

Mission: acquire Mist WoodHow: pick up the reagent Mist WoodWhere: almost everywhere in the Spiral – you might buy it in the Bazaar, pick it increase under the trees in Unicorn way near the Arena or obtain it as a autumn in a hit somewhere. Can’t uncover it? move to a much less crowded realm! exactly how to switch realms? press ctrl+M on her keyboard, choose a realm and also click “go to realm”. Or push “Esc” and also it will carry up her book, click the “Realm” and readjust from there.

Reagents? What space those?

Reagents room things like Mist Wood, Cat Tail and Lava Lily. Lock are offered as ingredients in crafting recipes. You deserve to find different reagents throughout the Spiral, either by harvesting them, defeating monsters, or purchasing them. Particular reagents will certainly be found in particular places: lock all have actually their favourite environment.

Mist Wood will usually be found in grassy areas next to some trees and Cat Tail will constantly be near water. Due to the fact that Lava Lily is generally uncovered in lava, the is most common in Dragonspyre. You deserve to purchase reagents in the Bazaar, but not every reagents are conveniently available. Detect Fossils in the Bazaar, for example, can be yes, really difficult.

Reagents walk in your reagent bag, which friend can accessibility by selecting the crafting tab in her spell book, or by pressing “J” on her keyboard.

2. The Razor’s Edge:

Mission: handmade 2 Daggers the Absolution

Step 1: to buy the recipe

Buy the recipe indigenous Eudora Tangletree by pressing “X” on your keyboard when you’re close come her. There will certainly be the choice “Recipe shop“. Find for the item dubbed “Dagger of Absolution” and press “Buy“. Press “J” on your keyboard. You should now be able to see the recipe.

Step 2: acquire the reagents

Get the reagents stated in the recipe. To make 2 Daggers of Absolution, us need:

4 Sapphire8 black Coal4 Mist Wood4 Cat Tail

Did you an alert I double the ingredients required in the recipe? i did this because — for every crafting quest — you must make two of the item. The recipe only accounts because that ONE Dagger the Absolution.

Where to get the reagents:Sapphire and also Black Coal deserve to be bought from Elmer Meadowgrass, who is conveniently located next come Eudora Tangletree. Girlfriend can also buy these in the Bazaar, but generally Reagent sellers offer them at a lower price.Mist Wood and Cat Tail deserve to be bought in the Bazaar or harvested in the Spiral. Mist wood is generally uncovered in grass, close to trees, when Cat Tail is always located in water. Cat Tail spawns in the water alongside Eudora Tangletree: wait because that it come appear, or switch to a much less crowded realm.

Step 3: handmade the daggers

Go come your home and use the Basic do table. If friend haven’t offered it, her crafting table need to be in her backpack. Press “H” ~ above your key-board to put it down in her home.

Where to acquire the crafting tables:If you’ve offered or shed yours, you deserve to buy a new Basic do Table native the Furniture Shop Keepers in Krokotopia, Mooshu, Marleybone and also Dragonspyre.The Bazaar is another option. They’re not always accessible there, therefore I’d inspect a Furniture Shop keeper instead.

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After placing down your crafting table, activate it and also go come the correct recipe. We’re trying to craft two Daggers that Absolution, don’t be like me and use her reagents on one more recipe accidentally!


After you’ve crafted 2 daggers, go back to Eudora in Olde town to get your Novice Crafter badge. If you’ve quested to Krokotopia already, she will give you a brand-new quest appropriate away referred to as “Krok Watcher“, i m sorry will direct you come Krokotopia for the next Crafting quest.