Posted: Jul 17, 2021 / 05:07 pm EDT / Updated: Jul 19, 2021 / 11:46 am EDT

(NEXSTAR) – among the many popular current listings ~ above is appropriate in Polk ar – and also it will most likely look very familiar come movie buffs.

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A sprawling Victorian residence that was provided as the exterior of the Sultenfuss residence in the 1991 film “My Girl” has hit the sector in Bartow, Florida — and it has due to the fact that racked increase “tens of thousands of views” ~ above, making that the most-clicked listing that the previous week.

The attention doesn’t really come as a surprise to homeowner Sam Brunt, who bought the house in 2019, hope to return it come its previous glory as a bed and breakfast once well-known as the Stanford Inn.

“This home is very important come our little town,” said Brunt, who declared that “half a dozen” people stop through to take photos the the exterior every week. And also he commonly doesn’t mind, as lengthy as they refrain from snooping roughly or running up ~ above his porch.

“If I see somebody taking images from outside, ok invite them ,” he says, adding that he also keeps a cardboard cutout that the film’s 2 young stars — Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin — because that folks come pose with.

Being a former inn, the 7,508-square-foot house has actually six understand suites, 7 fireplaces, a advertising kitchen and, of course, the exact same wrap-around porch the was prominently featured in the movie. There’s likewise a “hotel-size” pool in the yard and also two different carriage houses, totaling secondary 2,000 square feet.

The residence is right now selling because that $675,000.

A sprawling Victorian home that was supplied as the exterior the the Sultenfuss residence in the 1991 movie “My Girl” has hit the market in Bartow, Florida. (Sam Brunt/

Brunt stated he was initially interested in restoring the residential or commercial property as a bed and breakfast, yet the coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into his plans.

“I hate to sell it,” he said. “It’s what I wanted to retiree in. But since of COVID, it changed everything.”

Brunt stated he go a fair little of work-related to the house because purchasing it, however isn’t plan to convert it come a bed and also breakfast anymore. In fact, he adjusted gears entirely and also opened a alcohol bar in Bartow — Stanford Wines, called after the old Stanford Inn — but he’s still hope someone might want to end up what he and also his wife started.

“I made certain to leave sufficient meat on the bones for someone to really complete it off, do it an Airbnb or bed and breakfast, or residence that’s really, really nice,” he said. “I just hope someone come in and also finishes what we set out come do.”

More than 10,000 migrants pack under Texas bridge, number tho rising

by Julia Ainsley / Sep 17, 2021

WASHINGTON (NBC News) — more than 10,000 migrants, most of castle Haitian, are packed under one overpass leg in Del Rio, Texas, as U.S. Border agents struggle to store up v the surging in the area, according to two senior Department of homeland Security officials.

Many of the Haitian migrants have not come straight from the island country to the U.S., but rather have actually been living in south America and also have been carried to Del Rio along a usual smuggling route offered by a mexican cartel, the public official said.


Mother’s decomposing body found wrapped in rubbish bags in new York City apartment, police say

by mark Sundstrom / Sep 17, 2021
CORONA, queens — Authorities responding to contact for a leak in a kings apartment on Wednesday found the decomposing human body of a woman, while her adult daughter was still in the home, follow to police sources.

The landlord of the Corona building called the FDNY on Wednesday because that a leak in an apartment, resources said.

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Busy Tampa only weekend includes Clearing the Shelters, celebrating pride on the flow & cost-free museum admission

by Daisy Ruth / Sep 17, 2021
TAMPA, Fla. ( - as summer winds down below in the Tampa just area and also we move more into spooky Halloween season, there are many things you have the right to enjoy in the still summer-like weather we"ll have this weekend.

A celebration event of Pride will certainly take place on the Hillsborough River, through a festival at Armature Works, the Tampa just Lightning will continue celebrate your back-to-back Stanley Cup wins with celebrations including fans and you and your family members can even sing "Happy Birthday" come an alligator this weekend!