Which that these qualities is shared by algae and seed plants? a. Chloroplasts b. Embryo advance within gametangia c. Vascular organization d. Pollen e. Roots and also shoots

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The the next algal relatives of soil plants are ________.a. Bacillariophytesb. Charophytesc. Chrysophytes d. Psilophytese. Rhodophytes
In seedless plants, a fertilized egg will construct into ___________.a. A sporophyte b. Gametesc. A gametophyted. A fruit e. Spore
Most bryophytes, such as mosses, different from all various other plants in the they _______.a. Develop sporesb. Execute not produce flowersc. Have flagellated spermd. Have actually cones but not seedse. Lack true leaves and also roots
In mosses gametes are developed by ______; In ferns gametes are created by ________. A. Meiosis ... Mitosis b. Mitosis ... Mitosisc. Mitosis ... Meiosis d. Binary fission ... Mitosis e. Meiosis ... Meiosis
Where execute fern antheridia develop?a. On the pointer of the haploid protonemab. ~ above the underside of the sporophytec. On the underside of the gametophyted. On the reminder of the sporophytee. ~ above the tip of the gametophyte
The conspicuous part of the fern tree is a _______.a. Haploid gametophyteb. Diploid sorusc. Haploid sporophyted. Diploid gametophytee. Diploid sporophyte
What evolutionary development allowed tree to thrive tall?a. Leavesb. Lignified vascular organization c. Rhizoids d. Sporophyllse. The waxy cuticle
Seedless plants include _______.a. Bryophytes, lycophytes, ferns, whisk ferns, and also horsetailsb. Just nonvascular plantsc. Mosses and also angiosperms d.only lycophytes and pterophytes e. Bryophytes and gymnosperms
The diploid generation the the plant life cycle constantly ________.a. Is larger and much more conspicuous that the haploid stageb. Is called the gametophytec. To produce sporesd. Produce eggs and sperme. Establishes from a spore
Which the the following statements is exact with regard to the life bicycle of mosses?a. Antheridia and archegonia are developed by gametophytes.b. The haploid generation grow on the sporophyte generation.c. The sporophyte generation is dominant.d. Spores are primarily dispersed by water currents.
In comparison to bryophytes, in vascular tree the dominant stage that the life cycle is the _______.a. Antheridium b. Sporophytec. Archegoniumd. Sporee. Gametophyte
A botanist discovers a new species of tree in a rain forest. Examination of the anatomy and life cycle mirrors the following characteristics: flagellated sperm, xylem through tracheids, different gametophyte, and also sporophyte generations through the sporophyte dominant, and no seeds. This tree is most likely most closely related to ______.a. Fernsb. Flower plantsc. Gymnosperms d. Mosses
Which of the complying with is not evidence that charophytes room the closest algal loved ones to plants?a. Similar sperm framework b. Similarities in proteins that synthesize cellulose c. The presence of chloroplasts d. Hereditary similarities in chloroplastic e. Similarity in cell wall surface formation throughout cell division
In plants, i m sorry of the following are produced by meiosis? a. Diploid sporesb. Haploid gametesc. Haploid sporophytesd. Diploid gametese. Haploid spores
Select the correct statement about the life cycle of a fern.a. In ferns, meiosis results in the formation of egg and sperm cells.b. Tree sporophytes thrive from haploid spores. C. Tree gametophytes space haploid multicellular bodies.




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