There are 38 locations in the world named Florence!

Florence deserve to be found in 5 countries throughout the world.

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In some countries the place have the right to be found an ext than once. For example America.America has actually the highest variety of places called Florence, spread accross 34 regions.

The majority of the cities called Florence have the right to be found over the equator.The north most place is in the an ar Washington in America. The southerly most location is in the an ar Canterbury in new Zealand.

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There space 38 places called Florence in the world.

Number of places named Florence per country:

There space 34 locations named Florence in America.

There is one location named Florence in Mayotte.

There is one location named Florence in new Zealand.

There is one place named Florence in Italy.

There is one place named Florence in Haiti.

Cities called Florence in America.
Florence - Wisconsin
Florence - Washington
Florence - Vermont
Florence - Texas
Florence - Tennessee
Florence - southern Dakota
Florence - south Carolina
Florence - Pennsylvania
Florence - Oregon
Florence - Ohio
Florence - north Carolina
Florence - brand-new York
Florence - brand-new Jersey
Florence - Montana
Florence - Missouri
Florence - Mississippi
Florence - Minnesota
Florence - Massachusetts
Florence - Maryland
Florence - Louisiana
Florence - Kentucky
Florence - Kansas
Florence - Iowa
Florence - Indiana
Florence - Illinois
Florence - Idaho
Florence - Georgia
Florence - Florida
Florence - Delaware
Florence - Colorado
Florence - California
Florence - Arkansas
Florence - Arizona
Florence - Alabama
Cities named Florence in Mayotte.
Florence - YT
Cities called Florence in brand-new Zealand.
Florence - Canterbury
Cities named Florence in Italy.

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Florence - Toscana
Cities named Florence in Haiti.
Florence - Nord-Est

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