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THE circus has an irresistible attract for many. Those born centregalilee.come the circus life find it hard to acquire away, while countless from various other walks the life feel centregalilee.compelled to operation away v the circus.

Throughout the 250-year background of modern-day circus many civilization have left behind your static existence to take up the itinerant life of a circus performer. Some, prefer my good grandmother Dollie Lennon (from Lennon Bros Circus), who passed away this week at the impressive age of 101 after to run away v the circus together a young woman, are tiny known outside the human being of the huge top, but many came to be famous in various other fields.

When young Ehrich Weisz necessary to assistance his family members he joined a circus, do his professional debut in 1883 together a trapeze artist age nine. He later emerged an interest in magic, but did other work while finding out his craft. Changing his name to take care of Houdini, in honour the his hero French magician Robert Houdin, he took to travelling with a circus again, however later left the big top to make his name as a solo artist v his very own show. As soon as he passed away in 1926 he was the world’s most well known magician.


In the 1880s in Australia one woman tried to run away v the circus centregalilee.come escape her past. Born in Victoria in 1863, Catherine “Kate” Ada Kelly to be the sister the bushranger Edward “Ned” Kelly. After ~ his hanging in 1880 she join a travelling show, going by her center name the Ada and using the pseudonyms of Hennessy and Ambrose. She made use of the famous Kelly horseriding skills, doing trick riding in wild west-style circus shows. She ultimately gave it up as result of ill health and in 1888 married william “Brickie” Foster (coincidentally, my grandmother’s uncle), dying in 1898 the what may have actually been suicide.

The father of former British element minister john Major, who became famous as a music room performer, likewise had a brief career in the circus. He was born Abraham cutting board Ball, in England in 1879, and moved with his family to the united state in about 1886. As a young boy he became centregalilee.component of a vaudeville act, then later joined a circus as a trapeze artist. Leaving the circus behind, he returned to England in 1896 and worked increase an act together a song and dance man under the name cutting board Major. As soon as his show service career petered out he went into business manufacturing garden ornaments.



In 1920 a boy called Yuliy Borisovich Briner was born in Vladivostok, the child of a mining engineer that abandoned the family in 1923. Briner’s mother moved the household to Paris in 1932 where the young Briner, walking by the surname Yul Brynner, made a living playing guitar and also singing in nightclubs.

At 13 that met performers indigenous the French present Cirque d’Hiver and also boasted the he had once to be on the trapeze. They invited him to audition and was hired 3 months later.

Brynner was among their young stars until a severe accident at 17 left him with 49 fractures. ~ his recovery he went back to the display as a clown however later decided to pursue an acting career, starring in movies such together The King and also I, and also The magnificent Seven.

Fellow actor and The Magnificent 7 co-star Steve McQueen, also had a quick circus career. In 1944, at the period of 14 that ran away from his uncle’s farm yard in Missouri to sign up with a circus, mainly as a method of make his way back to his mother’s location in Los Angeles. It would not be until the ’50s that he make a more permanent foray into show business as an actor.


Nick Cravat (left) and also Burton Lancaster performing ~ above the horizontal bars as Lang & Cravat through the federal Theatre task Circus in the 1930s.

Burt Lancaster (left), Gina Lollobrigida and Tony Curtis show up in a step from the 1956 movie Trapeze.

Growing up in a working class area that Manhattan, Burton Lancaster, born in 1913, took centregalilee.component in theatre and circus workshops in ~ Union Settlement, i m sorry ran program for human being from low incentregalilee.come backgrounds. At 19 he formed an acrobatic performing partnership with Nick Cravat and also they later joined Kay Brother’s Circus, calling themselves Lang and Cravat.

Injury required Lancaster to provide up his circus career yet after serving together an entertainer in the military in civilization War II the later became an gibbs under the name Burt Lancaster. He regularly used his circus skills in movies like The Crimson Pirate in 1952, in which he co-starred with Cravat, and also Trapeze in 1956.

In 1923 Tommy Gene Thomason was born centregalilee.come vaudeville performer parental in the US. ~ a career as a teenage magician and also actor in the us he pertained to Australia in 1959 through his nightclub act, under his phase name Tommy Hanlon Jr. He later got work in TV, yet in the late ’60s to buy a re-publishing of Ashton’s Circus and fell in love with the lifestyle. In 1978 the quit TV to operation away together ringmaster of Silvers Circus.

As a teens Pierce Brosnan, while busking together a fire eater, was hired by a circus. He continued to be for three years before deciding he’d like to occupational in the theatre. Brosnan later worked in TV and also film, and became renowned for his duty as James Bond.

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Sydney Festival, contains circus-themed events,

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