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When it concerns jewelry, there room a number of brand-new metals top top the industry that have sprung up in popularity. Tungsten (also known as tungsten carbide, return there are differences in between the two) and also titanium room two commercial metals the are commonly chosen for wedding bands, particularly men’s wedding rings.


White gold and also black titanium inlay. See it here.

Both steels are generally found in gunmetal or silver- colors and fashioned into modern sleek designs. However, titanium have the right to be anodized into other popular colors, which permits for a more comprehensive range of style choices. Titanium can also be sleek to gain a ‘satin’ finish, which add to a textural look come the metal.

Tungsten can additionally be found in different colors, however it is usually plated to gain those colors. What happens then is that with time the plating attract off, requiring girlfriend to have the piece re-plated.

Are tungsten and titanium 100% pure when provided in jewelry?

When it concerns jewelry, it is very rare that a 100% pure steel is used. Also gold, platinum and silver space alloyed v other metals to promote durability and appearance.

Tungsten cannot be offered to make jewelry in that is pure kind as that is simply too brittle and daunting to work with. However, when blended with carbon, nickel or cobalt, it i do not care a durable and also workable metal. The proportions have the right to vary, yet generally equal parts of carbon and also tungsten to produce the preferable tungsten carbide alloy.

Likewise, titanium is additionally alloyed to encourage workability. Titanium alloys regularly contain 90% purity an unified with 10% of vanadium and aluminium.

Is it safe to undertake tungsten and also titanium?

Of the 2 titanium is 100% biocompatible and safe for almost everyone. Titanium is frequently used for surgical implants and for human body jewelry as it is not known to cause any negative reactions.

High-quality tungsten carbide is typically hypoallergenic. Although it may contain nickel, this is just a very small amount and also does no cause any reactions also to human being with nickel allergies. However, tungsten include cobalt can cause skin reactions.

If this is something that involves you, examine with your merchant whether cobalt has actually been offered in the tungsten alloy. Most retailers will label your titanium together ‘cobalt-free’.

What’s the value of tungsten and titanium?

Both tungsten and also titanium are an extremely affordable metals. They room generally taken into consideration cheap and not an useful in a monetary sense. The quality, design and also craftsmanship room what determines the price of titanium and also tungsten jewelry, v rings varying in price indigenous $10 come $1000. However, titanium is typically less expensive 보다 tungsten as it is less complicated for jewelers to occupational with.

Some people select tungsten or titanium rings and upgrade lock to yellow or platinum as shortly as they have actually the spending plan for it. Rather prefer having a ring that doesn’t have actually a high monetary value as this to reduce the danger of losing or damaging it.

Can i resize a tungsten or titanium ring?

Tungsten rings cannot it is in resized, therefore if your ring does not fit, girlfriend will have to readjust the ring altogether. This is why reputable vendors offer a life time warranty where you can adjust your tungsten ring if it doesn’t fit anymore.

Titanium ring are likewise notoriously daunting to resize, but some jewelers may be willing to sell this service. Since titanium cannot be soldered, changing the dimension of the ring counts on more complex techniques and the results may be an extremely limited.

As time go on, fingers adjust in size, for this reason if you have a tungsten or titanium ring girlfriend may have to resolve the concern of her ring not fitting at some stage. Changing the ring is a practical and affordable step to take, but for some it undermines the function of a wedding ring together a price of love and also long-term commitment.

Which is the more heavier metal?

Tungsten is a really heavy metal that feels substantial and solid once you undertake it. Titanium is the complete opposite and is for this reason light that it has actually been compared to plastic and feathers (strange considering how strong it is). Someone once mentioned that your titanium ring was so light, the felt a tiny ‘eerie’.

Generally, a heavier steel feels more valuable when a light one feels cheap. However, this completely depends on your preferences. While some people like the feeling of a heavy ring on their finger, others favor the emotion of a barely-there ring.

Can ns engrave a tungsten or titanium ring?

Some jewelers say that a tungsten ring cannot be engraved but don’t it is in fooled by this. Both these metals deserve to be engraved, yet the approaches used space different.

Titanium can be engraved in the same approaches used to engrave other metals such together platinum and gold. Tungsten, on the various other hand, requires laser engraving together it is too hard for classic engraving tools.

The advantage of laser sculpture is that it is smooth and doesn’t save grooves, make it simpler to store clean. Some civilization prefer laser engraving even for titanium rings.

Where do I to buy titanium or tungsten rings?

Because both these metals are very popular because that wedding rings, it is easy to uncover a ring that suits you. While a brick and mortar store may have actually some choices available, browsing online will give you room to compare prices and styles in comfort. The only downside is the you cannot shot on the ring and may be unsure of the size prior to you buy.

Amazon has an impressive range of titanium and also tungsten rings, ranging from a couple of dollars to several thousand dollars. There is bound to be one to suit her budget and also style.

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You can also search Blue Nile, as they market a range of high quality and well-crafted tungsten and also titanium rings.