Two number are stated to be relatively prime when they have actually only 1 as the usual factor or we have the right to say the there is no same value other than one that you can divide them both and also get zero together a remainder.

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If the only usual factor of two numbers a and also b is 1, then a and also b are reasonably prime numbers. In this case, (a, b) is stated to be a fairly prime pair. These numbers require not be prime numbers always. 2 composite number can additionally be fairly primes, because that example, 9 and 10. Reasonably prime number are also referred to as mutually prime (or) coprime numbers.

To discover whether 2 numbers are relatively prime or not, we find the HCF the the numbers. If the HCF is 1, climate the two numbers are stated to be fairly primes. The HCF-Highest typical Factor of two numbers have the right to be uncovered by listing under all the factors and also then picking the highest usual factor out of those.

For example: Let's identify whether the offered pairs of number are relatively prime or no a) 7 and also 9; b) 8 and also 10.a) 7 and 9The determinants of 7 room 1 and also 7The components of 9 space 1, 3, and 91 is the only usual factor the 7 and 9HCF of (7, 9) = 1Thus, (7, 9) is reasonably prime because only 1 is a usual factor.

b) 8 and also 10The determinants of 8 are 1, 2, 4, and 8The factors of 10 room 1, 2, 5, and also 101 and also 2 room the typical factors that 8 and also 10.HCF (8, 10) = 2Thus, (8,10) is not fairly prime.


Some that the properties of reasonably prime number are:

The HCF-Highest common Factor of two reasonably prime numbers is constantly 1. For example, 5 and also 9 are fairly prime numbers, and hence, HCF (5, 9)= 1The amount of two relatively prime numbers is always fairly prime v their product. For example,
2 and also 3 are relatively prime numbers. Here, 2 + 3 = 5 is relatively prime through 2 × 3 = 6. The only usual factor the 5 and 6 is 1.Any two prime numbers space always fairly prime. Because that example, in 19 and 17 the only common factor is 1 and they space prime numbers too.A element number is relatively prime with any type of other number because prime numbers space the number that can be split by one or themselves. Thus, if us pair up any kind of prime number with other numbers the result will be reasonably prime since the usual factor will certainly be one. For example, 17 and also 25 are fairly prime due to the fact that the typical factor of both number is 1. Determinants of 17 are 1 and also 17 and also factors that 25 space 1, 5, 25.

Important Notes

Given listed below are few of the important notes associated to relatively prime the we review in this article. Have a look!

Any two prime numbers are fairly prime.Any 2 consecutive number are relatively prime.A element number is reasonably prime with any type of other number.Two also numbers are NEVER fairly prime since number 2 is a aspect of all even numbers. Thus they are not relatively prime.Two number are reasonably prime if their HCF is 1 and also vice versa.Relatively prime numbers don't should be element numbers. For example, 2 composite numbers 12 and also 35 are relatively prime numbers due to the fact that their HCF is 1.

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Example 1: uncover which that the complying with pairs of numbers are relatively prime. A) 18 and 19, b) 25 and also 22

Solution: a) 18 and 19Factors that 18 = 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18Factors the 19 = 1, 19The only usual factor is 1, therefore 18 and 19 are relatively prime. Also, the numbers are consecutive and also we know that any type of two continuous numbers room always relatively prime.b) 25 and also 22Factors of 25 = 1, 5, 25Factors that 22 = 1, 2, 11, 22The only common factor is 1, because of this 25 and 22 are fairly prime.

Example 2: If the product the two fairly prime number is 87, discover the LCM that the numbers.

Solution: as soon as the two numbers are relatively prime that way their HCF is 1.

We recognize that,

LCM × HCF = Product the the 2 numbers

LCM × 1 = 87

LCM = 87

Therefore, the LCM is 1.

Example 3: Sophia is asked to uncover the HCF of 59 and 97 given that lock are reasonably prime. Deserve to we help her v this?

Solution: that is given that 59 and 97 are relatively prime. Their only typical factor is 1. Hence, your HCF is 1.

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