After calling that quits in 2006 as result of frontman note Stuart"s vocal problems, Audio Adrenaline is revving up again with previous dc talk member Kevin Max taking over together lead vocalist for the Grammy-win…

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Jason Walker

Kevin Max

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“There’s to be a consistency to the Audio A message,” says Stuart. “It’s necessary that that continues, however the music is going come sound a little different. Kevin is going come sound a lot different than me, a lot far better than me.”

Max has a long history with Audio Adrenaline. In truth it to be dc Talk’s Toby McKeehan a.k.a. TobyMac whose new album Eye top top It topped the 200 critical week, that took Audio Adrenaline’s demo to forefront Records. The brand signed the band and released Audio Adrealine’s self-titled debut album in 1992. Dc Talk and Audio Adrenaline commonly toured together and also members of the 2 groups became friends. Dc Talk’s McKeehan, Max and Michael Tait disbanded in 2000 and began releasing solo projects. Tait join the Newsboys together lead singer in 2009 when longtime frontman Peter Furler exited.

TobyMac Earns an initial No. 1 Christian Album on 200 due to the fact that 1997

“Kevin was an obvious choice because he’s at sight talented and also we’ve well-known him for a long, long time,” states Stuart, who suffers native spasmodic dysphonia, which causes involuntary spasms that the muscles roughly the larynx. Though unable to sing, he’s still connected with the band together a songwriter and producer. He also heads up Hands and also Feet, a non-profit organization launched by Audio Adrenaline in 2004, i beg your pardon funds 2 orphanages in Haiti. Proceeds indigenous the brand-new album will advantage Hands and also Feet.

“I was intrigued by the band and the idea that putting among CCM’s iconic bands ago together v a new twist,” claims Jeff Moseley, chairman of Fair profession Services. “Having Will and also Mark affiliated was key. The other aspect was involving one of the most recognizable voices in our genre, Kevin Max. Finally when i heard the music and also learned that the tape was donating all their proceeds to the Hands and also Feet Project, ns was in. Our hope and also belief is that the music will affix on an emotionally level that will remind listener of what they liked around Audio A, yet give lock a musical improvement that they walk not see coming. I think we have that.”

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McGinniss says they go in the studio armed with 50 new songs and also whittled it under to a dozen they’ve recorded. “Kevin and I space the constant writers on the record,” Stuart says. “We’ve functioned with some various people and we’ve created together. We’re definitely enjoying the process. Ns personally feel like this record has a lot of deeper content than any Audio A record we’ve ever had and also a lot an ext energy has actually been put creating this record than any kind of Audio A document in the past. Sometimes making one Audio A record, we would write for 3 weeks and go make a record. Those room awesome since you capture a moment in time, yet this record, we’ve been working on because that months and months and also the contents is awesome.”

moving forward, Stuart will certainly be associated in writing and also production, but the tape now is composed of Max, McGinniss, guitarist Dave Ghazarian (formerly of Superchick), drummer Jared Byers and also keyboardist Jason Walker. Tyler Burkum and also Ben Cissell, that were part of the band as soon as Audio Adrenaline referred to as it quits in 2006, are not part of the new line up. “Tyler and also Ben to be approached to it is in a part of this,” says McGinniss. “Tyler is very busy. He’s been play guitar due to the fact that we come off the roadway for various people and he hasn’t stopped. The does a most studio work, yet he’s additionally got a band of his own referred to as The Leagues and also they space a killer band.”

Cissell spent five years to run Rockettown, a skate club/youth to adjust venue, and recently left there to go after film work. “He’s make movies and also just really has actually a heart for youth society and the ice scating park and touring venues and also young bands,” says McGinniss. “He’s pouring into all that.”

The band is in Haiti this main filming a video clip for “Kings and Queens.” “It’s simply an tremendous song about this idea of once we love the least of these the God wraps these little orphans in his majesty and also they can come to be kings and also queens,” Stuart states of the song, which was created by Max and also Juan Otero. “It gives you the idea the these are God’s favorites, these tiny kids that have been forgotten. There’s walking to be a special place in sky one day because of what they’ve been v here. It’s simply a triumphant, majestic track that simply connects so deeply with Hands and Feet and also the message of Audio A right now.”

despite Audio Adrenaline has actually signed v Fair profession for marketing and distribution, they’ve also partnered through the non-profit recognize Hope Foundation. “Fair Trade permitted us to carry out a partnership v a foundation that basically funds the record and also then every the network proceeds of this record goes back to the Hands and also Feet project,” defines Stuart. “So when world basically to buy the brand-new Audio A record, they are basically helping to support orphans.”

Moseley is excited about the partnership through the band and also Know Hope and also being may be to usage music to change lives. “These guys are the ideal at what they do and are passionate to showcase those strengths and showcase a brand-new path come profitability, a profitability that is monetized by stays being changed and children rescued,” the says. “If we both execute our very best in letting human being know about the record and the story and the lives behind this mission, everything else will take treatment of itself. We want to sell music, and we desire to have a voice in culture. Many of all, us would prefer to view those orphans in Haiti taken treatment of and given a possibility to success in life. My expectations are that we can construct ten foster residences in the next couple of months that will revolutionize the Hands and also Feet Project. Rarely do we acquire to view such a tangible result to what us do. This will be among those cases.”

Expectations room high because that the newly revamped Audio Adrenaline and also indeed Tait’s success v the Newsboys has collection an interesting precedent. The Newsboys’ first studio album with Tait together lead vocalist “Born Again” to be released in July 2010 and also debuted in ~ No. 4 on the 200.