Snoop Dogg and also Odell Beckham’s moms space featured in a brand-new Facebook Portal commercial. Pic credit: Portal from Facebook/YouTube

In a new hilarious ad for Facebook’s video clip chat company Portal, moms of celebrities criticize their famous youngsters for no calling them on Mother’s Day.

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The advertisement starts with the moms that Snoop Dogg, Odell Beckham Jr., Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jonah Hill and also Venus and Serena Williams, all with each other in Neil Patrick Harris’ mom’s life room ~ above Mother’s Day.

Then Venus and Serena Williams’ mommy complains that Serena walk not call her till 9 p.m. Last Mother’s Day.

“Last Mother’s Day, i didn’t acquire a call from Serena until it 9 p.m.,” states Serena’s mom. “Just due to the fact that she is the GOAT doesn’t median she can’t make time for her mother.”

The other mothers murmured in agreement, nodding your heads.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s mother adds, “It’s true.”

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“That boy Snoop-Dogg, he’s so busy, that can’t even contact his mama,” Snoop Dogg’s mommy complains.

“If Dwayne doesn’t speak to me soon, I’m gonna lay the smackdown ~ above him,” Dwayne’s mother threatens.

Everyone laughs in ~ the believed of the old lady “laying the smackdown” on her grown son.

“OB-J still has actually an M-O-M,” Odell’s mother says.

“Absolutely,” Dwayne’s mother says.

“How can you forget her mama?” Snoop Dogg’s mommy wonders.

Then Neil Patrick Harris phone call his mom on Portal. He shows up on a monitor placed throughout the room from wherein his mom is sitting.

Harris’ mommy rises to she feet and also walks throughout the room, saying, “Hey Portal-answer.”

“Happy Mother’s Day!” Harris and his youngsters announce together.

Harris is surprised to see the moms of various other famous human being all hanging out through his mommy in she living room on mom Day. He wonders whether that method he’s in trouble.

“This is weird,” that says, wondering why all the ladies are together.

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Serena Williams’ mother then observes the Neil looks therefore thin. Everyone agrees and also the ladies demand that Neil get closer therefore they can obtain a far better look. That obliges v a slow-moving spin in prior of the camera while lock observe:

“Are friend getting sufficient sleep?”

“You look so pale.”

“Something is off…”

Harris lastly tries come shut under the speculation about his health, speak he is fine and also that he and also his kids just wanted to to speak Happy mother’s Day.