The Houston Astrodome, the first indoor major league baseball stadium opened on April 9, 1965. The venue, which was nicknamed The Eighth Wonder the the World, held the new York Yankees and also the hometown Astros in an exhibition game that day.

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Hall that Famer Mickey Mantle fight the first home operation in the Dome. The Yankee slugger led off the sixth inning through a home run to center off Houston pitcher Turk Farrell.

The Astros, the Houston nickname the season changed to Astros native Colt .45s, won the game, 2-1

On April 12, Phillies strength hitter dick Allen struggle the first Astrodome homer in a regular-season game. Allen" s two-run, third-inning homer turn off Astros starter Bob Bruce accounting for every the runs in the Phillies 2-0 win.

April 12, 1965 box score: Philles 2, Astros 0 via

Here is video clip with Mantle rounding the bases after ~ his homer.

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