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Odysseus" fight v Irus, who additionally known as Arnaios,is meant, first, to exhibition Odysseus"s fairness to an obnoxious challenger. Second, the is median to present that the suitors have no regard because that the concept of xenia— hospitality to strangers—no issue what their station in life might be. Third, it...

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Odysseus" fight with Irus, who likewise known together Arnaios, is meant, first, to exhibit Odysseus"s fairness to one obnoxious challenger. Second, the is mean to show that the suitors have actually no regard for the ide of xenia—hospitality come strangers—no matter what their station in life may be. Third, it offer to litter off the suitors for Penelope who room watching this "beggar" protect himself.

When Odysseus is challenged by Irus, Irus says,

All these guys space winking at me . . . Come haul you the end of this house. . . . (18:12–14)

Odysseus, that is will on maintaining his disguise together an old beggar so the he can at some point turn his strength on the suitors because that Penelope, responds through reason and humility:

What"s wrong with you? I have done nothing to damage or humiliation you, nor carry out I begrudge you the food that you get from this gentlemen here. (18:17–19)

Odysseus, like Irus, is a beggar amongst the suitors, and he has actually no wish to be thought about as anything various other than a beggar, therefore he wisely points out to Irus their usual status—they space both beggars seek food and also comfort.

The concept of xenia, hospitality come strangers of any type of class, is among the most sacred tenets that Bronze age Greek life, and, in any type of household managed by honorable people, hospitality is taken into consideration a spiritual duty, no issue if the receiver is a king or a beggar. By permitting Irus to an obstacle and threaten physics violence against Odysseus, who appears to be a beggar in distress, the suitors have, in essence. Motivated sacrilegious behavior. This contempt mitigated through Telemachus"s assurance that Irus will certainly not it is in aided by the suitors.

At this point, Odysseus recognizes the Irus is no match for him, and also this currently presents 2 choices: Odysseus can either death Irus with one punch or simply render the ineffective v lighter blows. Odysseus decides to store the suitors guessing around his true abilities:

And, in the end, he decided that the finest thing would be come hit him much more lightly, to save the suitors from being suspicious. (18:94–96)

Odysseus, who has actually been known throughout The Iliad and also the The Odyssey for his strategy thinking, decides that a tactical success (killing Irus outright) is lot less vital than a strategic victory (allowing the suitors to believe he is also weak to demolish his foe with one blow).

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The good importance that the Irus illustration is that it permits Odysseus to vanquish one more enemy, it identifies the suitors as violators of fundamental Greek institutions, and it additional justifies Odysseus"s eventual retribution top top a team of men who overlook their most essential duties.