Micki Velton is widely well-known as the ex-wife of American broadcaster and also host Jerry Springer.Let’s obtain to know about Micki below, including her marriage, daughter, and also career.

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Micki Velton quick Facts

Birthday: 1946Birthplace: USAAge: 75 year oldZodiac: N/AHeight: 5 feet and 5 inchesParents: N/ASiblings: N/ARelationship Status: DivorcedPartner: Jerry Springer (Former)Children: Katie Springer

Micki Velton Age, Background

Micki Velton was born in 194, in the unified States. Together of today, Velton is 75 year old.For privacy reasons, Velton has decided to store her period and comparable early information secret.Born in the unified States, Micki is American by nationality and also comes native Caucasian background.Velton grew up in a very nice family, as far as us know. Unfortunately, she’s maintained this info out of public reach as well.Suggested Read: Diana Lasso where Is She Now?

Micki Velton Married Life, Husband Jerry Springer

As discussed before, Micki was previously married come Jerry Springer and also still shares the fame. If the exact date remains unknown, we believe Jerry and Micki met every other earlier in the late 60s or early on 70s.During the time, Micki operated for Proctor and also Gamble.After dating for a couple of years, Jerry proposed to Micki and also asked her to get married him.As Micki was in love v her renowned TV host beau, she said yes.In 1973, Micki Velton and Jerry Springer married each other in a an extremely intimate wedding ceremony.After three years that marriage, they ended up being parents come their an initial child, Katie Springer.Micki and Jerry embarked on their marital journey an extremely happily and also did numerous things together.Unfortunately, their long-running relationship did no last forever.In 1990, just shy three years that 20 years, Jerry and Micki parted ways and got a divorce.Furthermore, while some think that the couple parted because that good, yes a heavy id that their divorce was never ever finalized successfully.However, neither of them has opened up about the reason behind their divorce.Rumors had it the they separated as result of Jerry’s unfaithfulness. Much more on this later.Suggested Read: Denise Lombardo <2021 Update> Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife climate & Now

Daughter Katie Springer

Jerry Springer with daughter Katie Springer. (Facebook)Jerry and Micki invited their daughter, Katie, in 1976. Together of now, Katie Springer is 45 year old.Now, this no an unfortunate event in any way, yet Velton and also Springer’s daughter Katie hearing disabled in one ear, blind, and without a sleep passage.However, her parents did not take this together a disadvantage yet strived come ensure a safe and healthy life.Again, this no an unfortunate occasion in any manner.“I’ve heard this story that as soon as I was very first born, and also they heard about all these problems, they simply said, ‘we’re never ever going come treat her different, we’re going to make sure she knows she’s not different.”After many surgeries and treatment, These problems were lessened by a far-ranging margin.As of today, Katie has been married because that 15 years due to the fact that December 2006.Katie functions as a teacher in ~ the special and also disabled kids in Park School, Chicago.Additionally, she is a mom to one boy of she own.Again, choose her mother, privacy matters the many to Katie. For this reason, she has actually not revealed any details around her husband or child.Suggested Read: Cristina Greeven Cuomo Age, Husband, chris Cuomo, Kids, network Worth

Who Is Jerry Springer?

Born ~ above February 13, 1944, Jerry is one acclaimed journalist, politician, previous lawyer, and also actor.He is widely recognized as the hold of ‘The Jerry Springer Show.’Before fame, he worked in regulation firms and also served as political adviser to Robert F Kennedy.In 1970, he started his politics career and also had served in countless sectors.After that, he decided to transition towards broadcasting together an undergraduate student.After beginning his job at WTUL, he went ~ above to work-related for NBC affiliate, WLWT, earning ten regional Emmy Awards.Talking around his hosting career, the made his debut in The Jerry Springer show in 1991.After running for 28 seasons, the display officially finished in 2018.As that now, he has hosted a truth court present ‘Judge Jerry’ since 2019.Furthermore, Springer has likewise appeared as a guest and host in assorted talent shows, movies, and also Television series.Suggested Read: Manuela Testolini Today! Prince’s Ex-Wife Married

Did Jerry Springer Cheat ~ above Micki?

Jerry Springer surrounding by models in his show. (Jerry Springer Show)There’s a theory among fans that Jerry Springer cheated top top his wife while they to be married.Now, this speculation did not cultivate till some shady details about what happened roughly ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ surfaced to the media.According to among the present producers, Jerry Springer reportedly kept multiple sex-related partners while he ran the show.One that the producers proclaimed that one of their main work apart from producing the display was to uncover eligible and attractive ladies for Springer come sleep with.In one interview through Enquirer, one of the producers said,“Jerry Springer is ethically bankrupt. Developing his display in the late ’90s was only a small component of ours job. Our real task was to gain pretty girls, strippers, and also porn stars for Jerry to sleep with. “Besides that, many of the guests to be fake. The human being making the display knew it — and also didn’t care.”In a different Enquirer interview, one source said Jerry constantly abused his celebrity strength to take benefit of people.“Jerry has abused his power and celebrity because that years come take advantage of people. Is the the sort of human being you desire to stand in front of in a TV courtroom?”Jerry likewise tangled in a scandal as soon as the media busted him for writing checks to prostitute in 1974.The scandal take it place simply a year after that married his then-wife, Micki Velton.Furthermore, much less than a te after his separation native Micki Velton, Springer caught one more scandal in 1998.A video of Jerry through a erotic star and her stepmother surfaced in the media.In an interview, Jerry declared that his scandal was a result of a sex drug.Springer supposedly consumed Viagra, a prescription medicine used to treat Erectile Dysfunction.“That cursed Viagra made me shed my mind. The turned me into a sex addict.”Other than that, Jerry did no give any other statement.Do you think Jerry cheated top top his wife? let us understand in the comments down below.Suggested Read: Vanessa Villanueva currently In 2021


By profession, Micki is an entrepreneur.Previously, she operated for Procter and Gamble, i m sorry produces personal care, clean agents, and also hygienic products.However, Micki constantly decided to store her work-related life out of media attention.Anything she has invested in end the years, any kind of businesses she started as an entrepreneur, stays a mystery today.

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Micki Velton network Worth

As the 2021, Micki’s network worth is tho under review.However, as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, Velton probably has a massive fortune piled increase already.Additionally, she may have actually received a hefty divorce settlement check, no that it matters because that an live independence woman like herself.On the other hand, her ex-husband Jerry Springer has a $60 million net worth together of 2021.

Micki Velton Age