If you flourished up in the 1990s, ice Cube’s standard comedy Friday was among one of your favorite movies, with some hilarious and memorable characters.

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Smokey and also Craig made us laugh, yet the women… well, they had our attention.

If Nia Long’s personality Debbie was a boyhood crush, climate neighbor cougar Ms. Parker to be the woman who invaded your wet dreams. She taunted the community boys v skimpy outfits if watering her plants, make for few of the many memorable scene in the Friday franchise.

While filming Friday in the early on 1990s, Mrs. Parker — played by kathleen JoAnn Bradley — remained in her early on 40s. Today, she’s 66 years old… and also still killing it.

Bradley is ~ above Instagram, so check out what she looks prefer today below.

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Happy Saturday v love native #mrsparker

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#happyvalentinesday kisses

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# Friday in ~ Dana point #gamelootnetwork

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Oh, if you haven’t heard, ice Cube is supposedly working on a fourth and final installment of the Friday movie series.



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