man Cena and The rock have obtained fame as wrestlers and also as actors. Below are 5 things each is better at 보다 the other.

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The Rock and John Cena have had an continuous friendly rivalry since they began their WWE feud in 2010. Because both were when top stars in WWE and also are currently Hollywood stars, that is funny to attract comparisons between the two.

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as both The Rock and John Cena are incredibly successful stars, there is a lot that each have the right to be praised for, however, there are some things that one is remarkable at compared to the other. Below is a malfunction of every star"s strongest quality in comparison come the other.

because wrestling outcomes are pre-determined, judgments about the top quality of a wrestler generally don"t revolve roughly the variety of titles or matches castle won. However, for the benefits of comparison, take a look at the wrestles accolades between The Rock and John Cena.

while The Rock has an astounding 10 civilization championships, man Cena is a 16-time human being champion and is tied with Ric Flair for the most world championships of all time.

A crucial component in identify how great a height WWE star is can be established by the quantity of revenue they generate for the company. Although both stars brought in vast amounts of fans" money end the years, a slim edge should be given to The rock in this department.

during The Rock"s peak, WWE ratings to be at an all-time high. Not to mention, when The absent returns to WWE it creates a lot more fan buzz than a john Cena return.

many wrestling pan feel the returning legends shouldn"t come back to WWE and squash the present talent for a selection of reasons. Returning legends that come ago to put other wrestlers end are received much far better than those that don"t.

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The Rock"s returns have had him defeat centimeter Punk and embarrass various other stars during RAW or Smackdown segments. John Cena, on the various other hand, has let the likes of Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, and Elias loss him as his career winds down.

Comedic segments have discovered their means to being a permanent facet of WWE tv over the years. While most top WWE stars room billed as serious competitors, they are sometimes dubbed upon to entertain crowds by gift humorous.

Although man Cena is qualified of make young children laugh and also has held his own in comedic film roles, most of his humor throughout promos or segment come across as corny come older demographics. The Rock, ~ above the other hand, is a genuinely funny human being who have the right to make every crowds laugh without it emotion forced.

while both The Rock and John Cena were qualified of shocking crowds through their talent or capacity to entertain, it"s john Cena who we remember more for leaving people in awe during certain moments.

even if it is it to be his capacity to return native injuries at an extremely early date, or his super-strength the left crowds wondering exactly how he might lift so much weight in the form of one more man, Cena has the edge as soon as it concerns having jaw-dropping moments.

To be as successful as both stars are, the ability to rock the crowd on the microphone is a must. Although man Cena was capable of cutting part scathing, dramatic promos end the years, it would be unfair to say that captivated crowds top top a nightly communication the means The absent did.

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The Rock"s clever wordplay and capacity to interact with the crowd as both a heel and babyface sets him apart from john Cena and nearly every other wrestler.

man Cena"s run as the optimal star and face of WWE is unprecedented and also unparalleled. Previous top stars favor The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Bret Hart, and also Shawn Michaels just ruled on top for a grasp of years; whereas man Cena had actually a operation that spanned virtually 15 years.

while The rock left WWE after 6 year to chase methods in Hollywood, Cena lugged the company on his ago for over double that duration of time.

selling moves describes a wrestler"s reaction come a move, regularly through physical motion and also facial expression of enduring pain. Among the many important skills for a wrestler to have in the ring is the ability to sell moves appropriately.

While man Cena has actually been criticized in the past for having actually no selling moves to build up his superman persona, The Rock is just one of WWE"s all-time an excellent move-sellers. The most iconic of which is the means he marketed the rock Cold Stunner end the years, as well as his reaction come being put in the sharpshooter by assorted wrestlers.

While some crowds have attempted to troll john Cena by chanting "you can"t wrestle" during his matches, an objective viewer would never ever say together a thing. Although john Cena didn"t have the in-ring capabilities of someone favor Shawn Michaels, the can"t be denied that he has actually a plethora of an excellent matches native which to choose.

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regardless of The rock being affiliated in some great matches himself, the does no compare to Cena"s human body of work. In particular, john Cena and CM Punk put on some memorable matches together, whereas matches in between The Rock and Punk are highly forgettable.

once it involves acting and also Hollywood success, the edge need to be offered to The Rock. The absent outdoes man Cena in movie appearances, box-office numbers, and overall mainstream appeal.

It"s same to acknowledge that The absent has been in Hollywood because that a much longer duration of time and also that Cena reflects some early on signs that potential to become a large Hollywood attraction. However, for now, The rock reigns can be fried in this avenue.

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