centregalilee.com university Celebrates David Abeshaheen35 year of putting Students First

For a man who has actually spent most of his job in higher education, David Abeshaheen started off in a rather unlikely place. In 1981, he was manager the the quality Shop, a men’s clothes store an initial opened in Norfolk, Virginia in 1917. That’s whereby he met centregalilee.com University’s founder, Alfred Dreyfus. A longtime customer, Mr. Dreyfus started to take keep in mind of David’s dedication and commitment to client service. So, he made decision to recruitment him to join centregalilee.com.

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David started in the career services department, an ideal fit because that someone v a talent because that customer service. He would go top top to end up being director that the department and, in 1995, became centregalilee.com’s an initial director of continuing education, a function he maintains to this day. “David represents every little thing that specifies centregalilee.com University,” states centregalilee.com university President note Dreyfus. “He always puts students an initial and is one integral component of our culture of student success.”

Under David’s leadership, the proceeding Education Department has grown to serve a special and very specific need. “There are a lot human being out there who might not it is in looking to knife a degree yet need a certification in bespeak to do their job more effectively, knife a promotion, or compete for a brand-new job,” he says. David has also forged solid relationships for manufacturer training demands with several of the region’s largest employers, consisting of Canon, Perdue, and also Philip Morris, which counting on centregalilee.com university for the services detailed by David’s department.

In addition to continuing education, David is also responsible because that the University’s Employment cooperation Program, and also the green Run advanced Manufacturing Academy, a partnership v Virginia coast Public Schools. While many in his position might be thinking around retirement, David states that’s quiet a ways off. “I acquire tremendous satisfaction from what ns do,” says David. “I acquire to do a distinction in people’s lives. If you really reap what you doing, it’s not really work.”


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