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India Opal Buloni

This character"s very an initial friend in Naomi is a dirty, stray dog she finds in the grocery store store.

The Preacher

This personality is explained as hiding in his turtle shell and pulling his head right into his shell.


This personality goes into the Naomi, Florida, grocery store store and also causes a stir.

Mr. Alfred

This character is the manager that the trusted Corners Trailer Park.

Miss Franny Block

This character owns and runs the only library in Noami, Florida.

Amanda Wilkinson

This personality is a resides of Naomi, Florida, and becomes a girlfriend to the main character.


This character functions in Gertrude"s Pets.


This is likewise the name of a pet parrot life in the pet store.

Sweetie Pie Thomas

This character is a five-year-old girl from open up Arms Baptist Church.

Gloria Dump

This personality is a lonely woman living in a community house...

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