Della Dillingham Young

Up until the gift-giving climax, Della is the only fully realized character in the story. We intimately monitor her pursuit to purchase the perfect Christmas current for she husband, Jim, and also her anxious anticipation of his reaction to her haircut. Della"s devotion come Jim drives her tears at assorted points in the story: she sobs ~ counting the mere $1.87 conserved for Jim’s present, and also she publication “hysterical tears and also wails” after ~ realizing the she cannot usage the combs Jim procured for her (14).

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In despite the of Della"s histrionic tendencies, the narrator quiet constructs her together a selfless, generous, and admirable protagonist. Most notably, she sacrifices her many beloved possession—her stunning, knee-length hair—out of her love for Jim. The chain fondly strikes Della because its unique simplicity reminds she of Jim"s very own understated, quiet value and traits. Together such, Della"s purchase of the chain both display screens her thank you thoughtfulness and her system of values, i beg your pardon prioritizes sentiment and meaning over opulence and also material worth. Moreover, she never laments her and also Jim’s existing economic constraints, and also she on regular basis prays around “the simplest everyday things,” fairly than yearn because that Jim to acquire a higher-paying job, a more comfortable apartment, or an otherwise ascended socioeconomic position.

Jim Dillingham Young

As the “lord the the flat,” Jim is Della’s twenty-two year old husband who deserve to barely afford their cheap, ramshackle apartment. The narrator describes Jim’s appearance as “thin and also serious,” and deems that a “poor fellow” because of the burdens he encounters as a young head of a household (12). In spite of these social and also financial burdens, Jim displays the exact same generosity and also selflessness as Della. The affectionately expresses his love because that her, as proven by his insurance claim that superficial outside changes, such as a haircut, carry out not diminish his love for her. Choose Della, he additionally sacrifices his most prized belonging—the yellow watch passed down from his grandfather—to buy a perfect Christmas existing for Della. After realizing the his and also Della’s common sacrifices render every other’s presents useless, Jim exhibits his serene good-naturedness, together he just drops to the shabby couch, smiles at the absurdity that the situation, and suggests come Della that they forget about their presents.

Madame Sofronie

As the just other named character in the story, the “large, as well white, chilly” mam Sofronie serves as a silver paper to Della and Jim"s warm-heartedness (10). When Della visits madame Sofronie’s shop, mam Sofronie brusquely needs Della to take it off she hat prior to promptly assessing and assigning a dollar value ($20) to she hair. Madame Sofronie"s blunt demeanor and also preoccupation through profit comparison with the perspectives of Della and Jim, who accord value v a symbolic and sentimental, fairly than monetary, lens.

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One important element in O. Henry"s, The Gift that the Magi, is his use of allusion.... Referrals to popular people, places, events, or creative works. When the narrator defines Della"s hair and also Jim"s watch, he alludes to the Bible: "Had the...

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This is only a short-answer an are but ns can give you a general discuss Jim. Jim is a loving husband. We understand this not since he offers up a possession he prizes in order to provide his mam something she dearly wants, but due to the fact that he is so...

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How do you think Della adjusted from the start of the story come the end?

I think the Della is in reality a pretty static character meaning she doesn"t change. Della is the main character in the story, in the she is the one who we involved know the best. Therefore what perform we really learn around her from together a brief...

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