Before i begin, i will identify that the principle of future trunks’ timeline is unique. A world where fatality has definition creates a ton of despair that hasn’t been seen in Dragon round Z before. Trunks is the just defender that Earth, and he has to gain stronger both mentally and also physically, or that will shed everything. However, looking earlier on it, there room some troubles with future trunks’ timeline that seemed to it is in made to make the watcher/reader think the severity of trunks situation.

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Future Gohan have to be lot stronger 보다 what the was shown to be. After fighting the androids since he to be a child, he should have actually received many zenkai increases throughout the years to placed him front of the androids. If Goku deserve to go from a power level the 180,000 come 3,000,000 after gift beaten to near-death ONCE, then Gohan should attain something loved one to the within those years. Comparable to what Vegeta did, Gohan should have actually asked Bulma to produce a heaviness room because that him to train. He need to know around the heaviness room since of Goku. That would have done this together a child since kid Gohan stand no chance versus the androids. Therefore, fighting them would certainly be a waste of time. Choose Bulma, another person that would be a great help to Gohan would certainly be king Kai.


We’ve checked out multiple times throughout dragon ball the dead talk to the living, but for some reason, anyone is mute in the afterlife. Goku should have a human body after he killed Frieza and also his father. After the died, I’d imagine him going to king kai to talk to his son and his staying friends. Although Bojack unbound isn’t canon, I think it is fair to speak the frustration and anger Goku had watching Bojack beat increase his son would it is in similar, if no the same with Gohan gift jumped through the androids. I’m no saying Goku would teleport to earth as that did in the movie, however I do believe Goku can provide Gohan advice top top fighting the would rise his opportunities of beating the androids. Lastly, stop talk about the most noticeable problem v Trunks’ timeline, the Namekians.


King kai or Bulma should have contacted the Namekians when everything went to shit. Then, utilizing their dragon balls, they could have restored Earth’s dragon balls through reviving Piccolo, which would certainly then revive Kami. The second wish deserve to be used to bring back the senzu p plant. Lastly, the 3rd wish deserve to be supplied to teleport Dende to planet to be the brand-new guardian. Ns say this due to the fact that Kami and Piccolo have the right to potentially fuse ~ understanding just how dire the instance is, particularly if lock learn around Cell. The course, over there are various other possibilities with the dragon balls, but my allude is the Namekians would have been a good help.

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say thanks to you because that reading. What are your thoughts on trunks timeline? have a an excellent day.