Who was killed in the end of the Westing games?

Who murdered Sam Westing? In the end of of the Westing Games, the heirs discover out that Alexander ( Sandy )McSoutherns, Barney Northrup, and also Julian Eastman space all the doubt victim of murder, Samuel W. Westing!

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Who to be the person who killed Sam Westing?

The answer is: no one! Sam Westing passed away of old age, return he lived the critical years that his life under a pseudonym (and in disguise, for part of the time, as Sandy McSouthers the doorman.) turtle Wexler is the one who discovers the Sam Westing is not really dead, and has been among the “heirs” every this time masquerading as…

Who is Sam Westing in the Westing Game?

In the story The Westing Game, who killed Sam Westing? Sam Westing is no actually dead, so it turns out the no one actually killed him. Rather, that disguises himself as Sandy McSouthers transparent the game. Sam Westing fakes his fatality to carry all the heirs close together and also realize their potential.

What happens to turtle in who eliminated Sam Westing?

After the “game” is ended, Turtle, who becomes a company tycoon, befriends the aging Mr. Westing. That actually had actually lived under four different names The heir who wins the windfall will be the one that finds the fourth.

Who was the murderer in the Westing Game?

The murderer in Westing video game has 4 individualities being Barney Northrup, Julian Eastman, Sandy McSouthers, and also Sam Westing.

Who are the main personalities in the Westing Game?

Turtle Wexler is the key protagonist in The Westing Game. She shows many character traits transparent the story, and also serves a significant part the the totality story. Tortoise is the daughter that Grace and also Jake Wexler and also the sister come Angela Wexler .

Who is sandy mcsouthers in the Westing Game?

Alexander “Sandy” McSouthers is the 65 year old poorly educated doorman of Sunset Towers. The book does not mention where that lives, or that his family is. He operated at the Westing document Mill because that 20 years, then to be fired by Sam Westing himself. Climate he wound up being the doorman. He noted his place in the Westing video game as “Doorman.”.


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