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Who doesn’t love a girl with beautiful eyes? Curtis Lee was from Yuma, Arizona, and began a recording job in 1959. Lee composed the golden oldie “Pretty small Angel Eyes” v Tommy Boyce. (Boyce, in addition to Bobby Hart, walk on to write hits for The Monkees.) The record was developed by the famous and infamous Phil Spector and is in the doo wop style. The Halos, one R&B vocal group, sang the backgrounds. The dual t sound in the words pretty and little add a tiny bit of percussion to the lyrics. The song peaked in 1960 at #7 top top the U.S. Billboard warm 100 and was a minor struggle in the U.K. It has been covered by Zombina and also the Skeletones and also Showaddywaddy. Lee also had charting success with “Under the Moon the Love.” Curtis Lee passed far in 2015 from cancer. He to be 75.

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Here are the lyrics to “Pretty tiny Angel Eyes” through Curtis Lee:

“Pretty little angel eyesPretty small angel eyesPretty tiny angel pretty tiny angelPretty little pretty littlePretty little angel Pretty tiny little little angel eyes

Angel eyesI yes, really love girlfriend soAngel eyesI’ll never ever let you goBecause i love youMy darling angel eyesPretty, pretty, pretty small angel eyes

Angel eyesYou space so good to meAnd when I’m in her armsIt feels so heavenlyYou understand I love youMy darling angel eyes

I know you were sent out from heaven aboveTo to fill my life with your wonderful loveI know we’ll be happy because that eternity‘Cause I know that our love is really real

Angel eyes ns really love girlfriend soAngel eye I’ll never ever let friend goBecause ns love youMy darling angel eyes

Pretty tiny angel eyesPretty little angel eyesPretty little angel pretty small angelPretty tiny pretty littlePretty tiny angel

Angel eyesI really love you soAngel eyesI’ll never ever let you goBecause i love youMy darling angel eyesPretty quite pretty small angel eyes”

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