Whether you room a Tennessee Vols fan, or girlfriend love nation music, there is wonderful chance you have heard the tune Rocky Top. Recorded by many artists, many notably the Osborne Brothers, Rocky peak is said to it is in the number one college football fight song of every time (USAToday). The real inquiry to questioning is whereby did this song originate?

What is a Rocky Top?

Although over there is no info from Felice or Boudleaux Bryant where they acquired the name “Rocky Top,” some think the area referred to as Thunderhead mountain in the great Smoky mountains National Park to be the ar of attention that motivated the name because of that rocky peak.

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The origin of Rocky Top

On respectable 28, 1967, couple Felice and also Boudleaux Bryant checked into room 388 of the historic Gatlinburg Inn. The pair was functioning on a slow-tempo album because that Archie Campbell dubbed the golden Years. If the couple was writing songs, Felice demanded the they create a an ext upbeat song for the album. In ~ this point, Boudleaux stated, “Wish that i was on old Rocky Top, down in the Tennessee hills.” (Gatlinburg.com, 2012). This sparked one idea native Felice and also the pair was able to write the track in 15 minutes.

Later that year, top top Christmas day, the Osborne brother met v the Bryants at your home and were asked to record the song. Moments into hearing the song, Sonny Osborne stated, “I don’t need to hear anymore. I’ll take it.” (Hill, 2014).

The Song’s Popularity

The Osborne brothers were touring approximately the world presenting the new songs, consisting of Rocky Top. The song very first caught popularity once it was played in ~ a college of Tennessee football video game in 1972 through the pride of the Southland Marching Band. The tune was a vast hit and has to be played at nearly every UT sporting occasion since.

On February 15, 1982, the song was chosen by the general assembly to it is in an main Tennessee state tune (joining a list v nine various other songs). The track is such a sensation that places of service now get named after ~ it and also towns choose Lake City, Tennessee adjust its surname to Rocky height (although that’s a entirety ‘nother story). We space honored to have had actually the history of Rocky Top obtain its’ start at the historic Gatlinburg Inn. No issue where you space in the world, girlfriend can constantly remember, “Rocky Top, you’ll always be, house sweet residence to me!”







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