This separation song was composed by Kris Kristofferson and appeared top top his 1970 self-titled debut album. Later that year, beam Price videotaped a version of the song, which became his fifth country #1 single and to be awarded tune of the Year by the Academy of country Music. The cut crossed end onto the Billboard warm 100 peaking at #11.

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Amongst the other artists to have covered this space Elvis Presley on his 1972 album, Elvis as taped live at Madison Square Garden, Perry Como whose version got to #7 ~ above the UK Singles chart in 1973 and Kristofferson"s near friend and also fellow-Highwayman Johnny Cash on his 2010 posthumous American VI: Ain"t No Grave record.

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Don native Kentucky Uh I"m not downing beam price version however Al environment-friendly killed that song the heart version. Offer it a listen sometimeShane indigenous Usa MichiganI to be going to bring earlier these great country songs!Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn respectable 23rd 1970, "For the great Times" by beam Price gone into Billboard"s hot Top 100 chart at place #91; and though it only peaked in ~ #11 for 1 mainly on December 27th, 1970 it stayed on the top 100 for practically a half-year, 24 weeks...And top top September 13th, 1970 it reached #1 for 1 week ~ above Billboard"s Hot country Singles chart; it to be the fifth of his eight #1 records he had on the Hot country chart in between 1956 and 1973, plus the had five #1 albums on Billboard"s nation Albums chart...R.I.P. Come "The Cherokee Cowboy", 1926 - 2013.Camille indigenous Toronto, OhThere isn"t a far better break-up song than this. The words, the melody and the vocals speak it all in about four minutes.see an ext comments
That"ll be The DayBuddy Holly

Buddy Holly got the title because that his hit tune "That"ll it is in The Day" from a expression John Wayne said in his movie "The Searchers.

Somewhere the end ThereLinda Ronstadt and also James Ingram

The struggle duet "Somewhere the end There" was created for an man film around a family of immigrant mice who lose one of your young.

theme From ShaftIsaac Hayes

When "Theme from Shaft" won an Oscar, Isaac Hayes came to be the first African American to success in the "Best Song" category.

grasp Blaster (Jammin")Stevie Wonder

"Master Blaster (Jammin")" is Stevie Wonder"s tribute to Bob Marley, released much less than a year prior to Marley died.

Cradle of LoveBilly Idol

When singing "Cradle that Love," Billy Idol typically transforms a heat to, "This song is for this reason cheesy."

Don"t stop Believin"Journey

The "Don"t protect against Believin"" lyric was motivated by Sunset Boulevard, making the perfect because that the absent of periods musical.

Jules Shear - "All with The Night"They"re play My song

Shears does very little promotion, which has actually kept that secluded from the spotlight. What readjusted when Cyndi Lauper had actually a hit v his song? no much, really.

Dave EdmundsSongwriter Interviews

A famous guitarist and also rock revivalist, Dave take it "I Hear girlfriend Knocking" come the height of the UK charts and was the an initial to record Elvis Costello"s "Girls Talk."

Tim butler of The Psychedelic FursSongwriter Interviews

Tim and his brothers Richard are the Furs" foundation; Tim describes how lock write and also tells the story of "Pretty In Pink."

dUg Pinnick of King"s XSongwriter Interviews

dUg dIgs right into his King"s X steel classics and also his many side projects, consisting of the one v Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam.

Music video clip Director David HoganSong writing

David talks around videos he made for Prince, Alabama, large & Rich, Sheryl Crow, DMB, Melissa Etheridge and also Sisters of Mercy.

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George ClintonSongwriter Interviews

When you complimentary your mind, her ass may follow, however you have to make certain someone else doesn"t program it if it"s large open.