The Lee Majors-crooned theme song from his old TV show “The fall Guy” snuck into my head this morning. It’s a stumper as to why or exactly how this happened, and it proves just that ns watched method too much TV in mine youth.

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The series (about a stunt man who is likewise a bounty hunter with two young assistants) ran 1981-1986 with a staggering 19.9 rating. The theme tune (which ran because that a staggering minute and also forty-one seconds) obtained stuck deep sufficient in mine cranium that some odd collision of neurons brought it back up come consciousness.

so I visited YouTube, repository the all video clip ephemera, and also found the theme track in seconds:

The an initial two lines (four seconds) that the “Fall Guy” design template song disclose a lot around the show:

Well, I’m no the type to kiss and also tell,

But I’ve been seen with Farrah.

Nobody under 40 will get the reference: Lee Majors was married to Farrah Fawcett in 1976, once she fight it large with “Charlie’s Angels.” the was already a big hit v “The 6 Million dollar Man.” lock separated in 1979, divorced in 1982, but apparently continued to be on stable enough terms for him to include the reference and also for her to cameo in the 1981 pilot.

What’s interesting about the referral is the in the very first moments of the series (and every episode) the viewer is reminded that the star the the show — not the character, the star — has actually been renowned for rather a while, played other characters, had actually a well known marriage to an additional star. From the first moment, in other words, the collection deliberately blurs the line in between star and character.

This is somewhat rare for movies and television. Ordinarily, ours default an interpretation of “immersion” is to think of losing ourselves completely in a story wherein we forget that the personality is play by a human with a life. Instead, “The autumn Guy” credits — and also the series habit of obtaining celebrities to make cameo appearances — articulated a different sort of immersion that had both characters and performers.

Back to the template song: this morning i sunk into my chair to watch the opening credits top top YouTube… and also found myself surprised by one aria of sexism across at the very least three dimensions. 

Dimension #1: the theme song, “The Unknown Stuntman” (lyrics by collection creator valley A Larson, Gail Jensen, and David Sommerville) talks about how the singer performs fatal stunts through actresses, just to then watch as the actresses fall into the arms of your leading men rather than into those of the brave stuntman. But the singer is a chauvinist, saying that he has “never been v anything less than a 9” and brags the “I never spend much time in school, however I taught females plenty.” It’s not a surprise that the ladies decline to invest time v him.

There’s additionally a weird anti-logic in the tune in i beg your pardon the masculine actors are beneficial enough to merit stunt doubles but the actresses execute their own stunts.

Dimension #2 isn’t around the theme itself, but about the history of the performers named in the song: Farrah Fawcett, Bo Derek, Sally Field, Cheryl Tiegs, Raquel Welch, Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood. Of lock all, actor-directors Redford and also Eastwood tho have vibrant careers, if the actresses space all either dead or greatly retired. Job longevity for women is criminally shorter in Hollywood than it is because that men.

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Dimension #3: in the opening credits, there are many, numerous images of Lee Majors and co-star Douglas Barr in various action sequences, yet only one picture of the 3rd stunt person cum bounty hunter, pagan Thomas, who wanders v swinging doors in a tiny bikini.

While “The fall Guy” was never ever my favourite show, ns did have actually fond memories of it… memories now complicated. Allegedly, yes a movie version in development with Dwayne Johnson attached.