This song is about a stalker who seems to get more obsessed together the track progresses. At first, it shows up he has a major crush ~ above the girl, yet he later becomes more dangerous and also intent top top "capturing" her.

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The original Holly Knight/Michael Des Barres version of this track was featured in the 1983 movie A Night In Heaven, i beg your pardon is around an older woman (Lesley Ann Warren) who is obsessed through a young male (Christopher Atkins). The song plays in a scene whereby he is performing in ~ a male piece club.
The lines, "Like a butterfly, a wild butterfly, I will collect you and also capture you" were motivated by a 1965 movie called The Collector, which is about an inhibited butterfly collector that kidnaps a woman. Michael Des Barres had actually seen the movie and came up through the line.
This tune came together really quickly, and hours after creating it, Michael Des Barres and Holly Knight recorded it through their producer Mike Chapman, since it to be clear come all connected that they had actually something special. Des Barres told "It"s an noticeable piece. It"s "Who perform you desire me to be to make you sleep with me?" ns mean, how codependent is that?"
Holly knight cites this as a song that come true for her later in life. She says, "I guess it comes v the territory, you have a very creative imagination, therefore your life have the right to be wonderful, or a living hell. Because your psychic is so an innovative it go to locations that aren"t have to realistic. Girlfriend feel things a lot. I can"t imagine anyone in your life never having actually a moment where they"re no obsessed with somebody or something."

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Radaway from Netherlands "spoken-word verses by Des Barres, providing the track a far more sinister feel. " .....It"s much more than that . It"s a hit of genius ! ns somehow let go this when in the 80"s . I hear it now ..its best up there through the depeche modes, erasures, Petshop ,if no then also more. Many thanks Animotion ....!!Bobo indigenous LevittownI believe the display that featured this awesome tune as the models walked down the runway was referred to as Fashion Television hosted by Jeanie Becker in the 90"s. Great song, good show. Simply thought you"d favor the specifics.Esskayess from Dallas, TxIf he"s a stalker, why go she store saying "I will have you"? Sounds favor she"s well conscious of his attention and welcomes it.Chris from Claremont, CaFirst heard this during the at an early stage to mid ninties on VH1"s fashion catwalk showsee much more comments
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