5 DC Heroes Spider-Man would certainly Defeat (& 5 he Would lose Against) from Nightwing come Batman, below are 5 DC comics heroes the Spider-Man can defeat in a struggle (& 5 he couldn"t).

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that is always fun come imagine i m sorry hero would win in a battle, even if that is unlikely the those two would ever before cross paths. Spider-Man is there is no a doubt one of the many iconic personalities in all of comics. The web-slinger has been entertaining readers for decades and also has become one the the most loved and also most relatable superheroes ever.

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Peter Parker has actually gone toe come toe through plenty the the best heroes Marvel has to offer, but how would certainly the web-slinger take care of the roster of DC heroes? here are 5 DC heroes Spider-Man could definitely stop, and also five he would certainly not have the ability to beat.

penis Grayson fought crime because that years as the above sidekick, Robin. As soon as he graduated from his role as sidekick, Grayson take it on the identification of Nightwing and required to crime-fighting in his very own way. Nightwing is an professional martial artist, highly experienced in acrobatics and he is a genius detective.

However, Peter Parker would have the ability to handle every little thing Nightwing has to offer. Spider-Man is just one of the many agile superheroes of every time and his spider senses would provide him a massive advantage against Nightwing in a fight. When a hand to hand fight could be close between the 2 heroes, Spider-Man"s superhuman abilities ultimately would win him the battle.

Clark Kent is the ultimate superhero, he has the ability to take it on practically any hero in every one of comics. Even if it is it is his superhuman strength, speed, vision, or invincibility, Superman has the edge over virtually everyone. It is no surprised that Superman would certainly beat the web-slinger quite easily.

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Spider-Man is no joke to go up against, however Superman"s look at never-ending list of abilities would certainly be too lot for Parker to handle. Peter Parker is a genius in his very own way, yet he would have a tough time reasoning of a way to stop the guy of steel. Unless Spider-Man has actually some kryptonite lie around, over there is no opportunity he could beat Superman in a same fight.

The princess of the Amazons is an important member the the justice League and she is an unstoppable force. Wonder Woman has some exceptional abilities that make her a tough adversary to the friendly community Spider-Man. She abilities incorporate superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, and also intelligence.

In addition to her abilities, Wonder Woman also has tremendous tools choose the lasso of truth and also the above invisible jet. Wonder mrs is also an skilled swordswoman and she wields she intimidating sword and also shield. Even though Spider-Man has an remarkable heart and willpower, his efforts would fall quick to Wonder Woman"s superior skill set.

7 might Beat: Batgirl

Batgirl is a highly skilled crime-fighter who offers her intellect to deal with the mysteries she encounters. Batgirl supplies some gadgets, although no as many as her crime-fighting partner, Batman.

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Spider-Man would have the ability to use all of his powers to beat Batgirl in a fight, although it would certainly be a close battle. Batgirl is smart and uses the sources she has to obtain an benefit in any type of fight. Peter Parker is also very smart and also resourceful, therefore in the end, it would certainly come down to a hand to hand fight. Spider-Man just has superior reflexes and instincts the would eventually win him the fight.

Spider-Man"s extra sense gives him a superhuman ability to dodge incoming attacks. If Spider-Man has actually used this capability to evade some strikes that that couldn"t also see in the past, the is difficult to imagine the he would have the ability to dodge the world"s fastest guy alive. The Flash is so rapid that he has actually been able to run with time, vibrate v walls, and also he can create a punch with unlimited mass behind it.

The fight could be close, however Spider-Man would have actually a challenging time slowing under the Flash sufficient to win him. Spider-Man absolutely has a chance to soil a few good blows, however the speed is simply too fast and also unpredictable because that him come beat.

5 might Beat: eco-friendly Arrow

Oliver Queen is a an extremely wealthy businessman who has actually trained for years in order to become Green Arrow. The is a master in martial arts, a professional swordsman, and also of course, he is an experienced marksman. Despite all of his skills, Spider-Man would be able to beat the Green arrowhead because of his exceptional agility and instincts.

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Spider-Man would be able to dodge any arrows using his spider senses and also then have the ability to subdue Oliver Queen with his web-slinging and acrobatics. Green arrowhead is a good hero and also a experienced fighter, yet he would not be able to match Peter Parker in a genuine fight.

Booster Gold is a time-traveling hero who has joined pressures with the justice League countless times. The futuristic athlete has actually used an innovation to offer him abilities that put him in the fight against supervillains. However, in a fight versus Spider-Man, also his modern technology would not be sufficient to victory him the fight. Spider-Man"s webbing would certainly compromise many of Booster Gold"s tech and Parker"s superhuman capability would win the battle.

Spider-Man has dealt with plenty the villains that use tech in the same means Booster Gold offers it and he is constantly able come outsmart his adversaries. Spider-Man"s strength and also reflexes would certainly be too much for Booster gold to match.

3 Couldn"t Beat: green Lantern

green Lantern is a title organized by numerous different human being in the past, in fact, that is an entire team of fighters with the exact same abilities. This heroes are offered their abilities through powerful rings that enable them to conjure shapes and also objects from their imaginations through their will certainly power.

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The much more will power the hero has, the more powerful their constructs will certainly be. These powers are nearly limitless, therefore it would be very daunting for Spider-Man to beat the green Lantern in a fight. Peter Parker would certainly give the hero a difficult battle, yet the environment-friendly Lantern is only limited by their will certainly power.

Cyborg is the ultimate mix of man and also machine. Making use of the most progressed tech available, Victor stone is able to fight alongside the justice League. When his tech is much superior to any other hero, Cyborg would have actually a tough time walk up versus the web slinger"s premium instincts and agility.

The deciding element would be Spider-Man"s spider-sense, i beg your pardon would provide him the ability to dodge most of Cyborg"s attacks. Although Cyborg may have more resources to select from, Spider-Man has far superior reflexes and agility to dodge and also counter any kind of attack. In the end, the fight would be close, yet Spider-Man"s superhuman abilities would again provide him the advantage.

1 Couldn"t Beat: Batman

Bruce Wayne is exceptionally wealthy, trained by grasp assassins, and also he is also the world"s best detective. Having actually been able come single-handedly to win the whole Justice league on his own, Batman would surely be able to take on Spider-Man.

The only method in which Spider-Man would success the fight would certainly be if he could somehow record Batman through surprise, but it is unlikely the he could surprise the finest detective in the world. Bruce Wayne is constantly one action ahead that his opponents, that learns their weaknesses and also capitalizes top top them. Batman would beat Spider-Man by examining him and creating a strategy for the fight that would lead to him gift the victor.

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