I love researching the history or origins of many things, and yesterday the idea came to me to find out the history of some of my old favorite songs. I am posting this blog, because in my search I found that others have this same passion and were having a hard time finding the answers. I hope this blog helps everyone in the search of answers for their questions as well. If you have any information not listed and would like to contribute you may contact me at sylviam.clemons

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This song was written in 1949 by Ira F. Stanphill. He was born on February 14, 1914. He was a very gifted musician. By the age of 10 he was playing the piano, organ, ukulele, and the accordion. He was singing and composing by the time he reached 17. He participated in revival crusades, prayer meetings, and ten campaigns. He graduated from the Junior College in Chillicothe, Missouri, and later was made an honorary Ph.D. from Hyles-Anderson College in Indiana. He preached and sung all over America and 40 other countries. He was inducted into the GMA Hall of Fame in 1981 and published his autobiography, This Side of Heaven, in 1983. Hewroteover 550 gospel songs throughout his life. Rev. Stanphill departed this world on December 30, 1993 and is buried in Johnson County Chapel and Memorial Gardens in Overland Park, Johnson County, KansasA story told by evangelist Bro. Gene Martin, who waspreaching at Bethel Temple Assembly of God Church in Oak Cliff, Texas. Inspired the pastor, Rev.Albert Ott to make the suggestion to Bro. Stanphill to write a song about the mansion that waits for us over there in heaven and he immediately wrote the lyrics and sang the song that very night.Unfortunately, Bro. Gene Martin was not present thatnight this favorite hymn was born. This is the way hisstory was told.One day a wealthy man facing bankruptcy took a drive through the rural part of the country. As he passed one particular house it caught his attention. It was needing a paint job and repairs of all kinds. The broken window glasses were replaced with oil paper. Many shingles as well as part of the roof were missing which made him wonder how the house was even still standing. A young girl about the age of 8 or 9 and poorly dressed was playing in the front yard. The man was compelled to stop and talk to the young girl. In their conversation, he mentioned how sorry he was that she lived in such a poor surrounding.

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The little girl excitely asked him, "Why haven"t you heard? My daddy just inherited a fortune and he"s building us a mansion just over that hill over there. Don"t know when it will be done, but I won"t have to live in this house forever.Song LyricsVerse 1I"m satisfied with just a cottage below A little silver and a little gold.But in that city where the ransomed will shineI want a gold one thats silver lined.ChorusI"ve got a mansion just over the hilltopIn that bright land where we"ll never grow oldAnd someday yonder, we will never more wanderBut walk on streets that are pure as gold.Verse 2Though often tempted, tormented, and testedAnd like the prophet, my pillows a stoneAnd though I find here no permanent dwellingI know He"ll give me a mansion my own.Verse 3Don"t think me poor or deserted or lonelyI"m not discouraged I"m heaven boundI"m but a pilgram in search of the city.I want a mansion, a harp, and a crown.