It was the eighties, and also as a boy of the eighties who frequented the edge store down the block, I have the right to attest the the candy isles were rather lacking. Yes, there were all the standard old fashioned candies. Lots the chewy coin candy. We might fill increase a bag in no time, maybe two. There were shelves that lollipops and also bubblegum, 25 cent chocolate pieces, and also containers filled v licorice. While it was all delicious, the wasn"t really thrilling. Until one day, mine sister and I, after ~ carelessly flinging our bikes in former of the store, found a surprising display of new candy . The candy isle just looked brighter, our mouth"s watered. We had actually discovered Nerds Candy. That was the work the brown record bags filled through handfuls that chewy candies stopped. It was once we would invest our entirety allotted lot of adjust on yes, Nerds Candy! possibly it to be the amazing packaging and also the yummy little candies inside? everything it was, us were fascinated, and also we were loving it.

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Nerds are a favourite retro candy of the 80"s. A staple in every candy lovers stash. These candies first arrived in 1983 and also every child of the eighties remembers castle fondly. Don"t permit their tiny size fool you. Nerds Candy pack rather a punch! they look like tiny, glossy and colourful pebbles. They room perfectly crunchy, tangy and fruity. Nerds are just as interesting today as they to be in the eighties.
Back in the day, Nerds Candy were just only accessible in two flavors: cherry/orange and also strawberry/grape. They have come a long way and increased their flavors since then. The cool and nerdy flavours these days include: Grape/Strawberry, Lemonade Wild Cherry/Apple Watermelon, Wildberry/Peach and Road rash Raspberry/ totally Tropical. Nerds recently added some Mexican inspired flavours of Lucha Grande Lime Pineapple, and also Lucha Grande Guava Mango Chilli.
Nerds were introduced to us by Angelo Fraggos in 1983, and really shortly after lock were given an compensation in 1985, for being the candy of the year. They received this compensation from the National Candy Wholesalers Association, now dubbed the the Convenience circulation Association. An important award at that time in the candy business. Nerds had placed themselves on the map in a very short time.

The Willy Wonka Story


Nerds Candy actually source from the Roald Dahl standard children"s book, Charlie and also The chocolate Factory. This sweet story became the 1971 film Willy Wonka and also The cacao Factory staring Gene Wilder together Willy Wonka. In 2005 there to be a remake of the movie starring Johnny Depp who depicted Willy Wonka but the film was named Charlie and also The cacao Factory, favor the book.

Roald Dahl to be a Sweet Genius


We have actually Roald Dahl to say thanks to for every one of the candy that acquired from this standard book. From the good imagination of Roald Dahl and Willy Wonka himself, the people was take away with all of it"s whimsical, candy coated imagination and all the magical candy.
Roald Dahl had actually two films that stemmed indigenous his book. In 1972 he released a sequel that his an initial book dubbed Charlie and also The an excellent Glass Elevator. He states that the had constantly planned to create a third book because that the series, yet just never ever completed it. As well bad! the would have actually been epic. I"m sure numerous of Roald Dahl"s devoted fans wished he had actually written the 3rd book.

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There were countless other candies that stemmed native the Willy Wonka movies.These include some other retro candy classics that I"m certain you"ll recognize. Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, Runts, Spree, Everlasting Gobstoppers, bottle Caps, Laffy Taffy, Sweetarts and so plenty of more but our can be fried favorite needs to be Nerds Candy.
If you"ve ever wondered why they"re called Nerds, you are not alone. Many human being have speculated end the surname of these candies for years. Some say it might simply be named after the stereotypical slang word "nerd", others guess the the name originates from a Dr.Suess publication called "If ns Ran The Zoo". In the book, the word "nerd" is supplied to explain one that the creatures that the narrator that the story would prefer to collect for his zoo. This actually can make perfect sense. The "nerd" creatures on the package room so round and also plump and also have cute, googly huge eyes. That would not want to collect them for your fictitious zoo? probably the book was one inspiration. Whatever the situation was, it"s a sweet mystery to this day. But we all understand that "Nerds" are extra smart and cool anyways!
  Nerd Candy get their start from a single crystal that sugar. Climate are placed into a barrel prefer container which spins, and gets coated v layers and also layers and an ext layers the sweetness. All Nerd candy start out as white in colour and also then enter separate barrels for the added colour. ~ the colour procedure is complete, they space packed up into their boxes according to the colour and flavor. 
One of the most distinctive things about Nerds are their double chambered box. You have the right to eat one side at a time, or both at once. Most of us simply start happily dumping the box straight into our salivating mouth"s. I have to say I"ve never seen anyone eat a box of Nerds one by one, I"m certain it wake up though. That would take a really long time and the sugar rush would just not happen while eat them the slow. That"s probably exactly how all the uncool civilization would eat them but not us tough core nerdy candy lovers!
 Nerds will always be synonymous with ours childhood. One look at the box, simply a smell of your sweet scent, and also I"m earlier at that edge store, eagerly opening package with mine sister, saving a little for later, or not. Nerds Candy are a nostalgic candy and also a sweet trip ago in time to those days the went by as well fast. They"re the perfect reminder of funny times, laughter and also play. Every the points we seem come forget as soon as we have actually to thrive up. What are you wait for? remember again, and get your settle of Nerds Candy!