In the show, whenever one alchemist commits the taboo, lock only lose one part of their body. Izumi lost organs, Ed shed his leg, and Mustang shed his eyesight. But, once Alphonse tried to transmute the soul he lost his whole body. Also though the identical exchange to be justified for the various other alchemists, ns can"t assist but feel choose Al"s was not equivalent.

Can someone explain to me why he shed his entirety body fairly than simply one part?


Alphonse was shown much more of the reality than Edward, but he forgot it in ~ the start of Brotherhood. Only towards the end did he remember. Thus, seeing much more of that warrants a better toll.

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Also, the truth takes indigenous you that which is most ironic (which is why it is such a devilish thing); for example, Mustang had actually his sight taken as he had actually his "sights" set on gift Fuhrer. Alphonse had actually his entire body taken together he wanted to feeling his Mother"s hugs and also warmth. Having his body taken way that can"t happen anymore.


In the original, (or maybe it to be Brotherhood, I"m no sure) Alphonse claimed that he to be the one looking in ~ Edward v his "mother"s" body. Therefore in the original or was due to the fact that the body took Alphonse"s heart for the body instead of your mother"s. His blood was then disposed of, however the human body they produced their mom rejected Alphonse"s soul, leaving him through no body. In Brotherhood and also the manga, i think it"s just since Alphonse"s was shown an ext of the truth.


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