Hellsing: 10 concealed Details around The Main personalities There"s a lot much more to the personalities of Hellsing 보다 you may think, and also here space the peak 10 details around Alucard and friends you never ever knew

Hellsing is a manga turn anime the chronicles the adventures the the Hellsing Organization, i beg your pardon is tasked with the remove of demonic creatures the threaten the safety and security of Britain. Led by the descendant that the famous vampire hunter Dr. Abraham Van Hellsing, Integra Hellsing, the organization holds one trump card that makes them such a major threat to the pressures of darkness: your chief operative is Alucard, the king of Vampires, who is forced to execute Integra"s bidding.

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Alucard is a gleefully psychopathic entity that is in plenty of ways worse 보다 the monsters he hunts, and there room other characters on the show who are just together bad. Below are 10 concealed details around the show"s main cast:

If you watch Alucard hit anyone, friend will notice that he really enjoys, or in ~ least, does no seem to mind in ~ all, gift blown come smithereens repeatedly. Every time large gaping feet appear on his human body from cartridge holes, they acquire healed within seconds. And also so execute his clothes. That is since he is not wearing garments at all.

Alucard turns his own skin, or every little thing passes because that the skin that the undead vampire, into an illusion the clothing. So he is technically naked in all his appearances on the show.

The most famed image of Alucard indigenous the show and the manga is him v a demented smile on his face, wielding a couple of huge pistols while extended in blood. However the reality is, those firearms that Alucard is always shown wielding room actually quite pointless.

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Alucard is so ridiculously overpowered the he is an ext than capable of rending his adversaries limb from body without any kind of weaponry. The only reason why Alucard wields those pistols is the they room fun to use.

The collection is kickstarted when Alucard conserves Seras from certain death at the hand of a ghoul by turning her into a vampire. However, later references to that event reveal that there was a way to save Seras without transforming her into one that the undead. Yet Alucard chooses to do so anyway.

That is because, after century of wade the planet alone, Alucard had grown lonely. Transforming Seras was his way of creating a companion for himself, back Alucard would certainly scoff in ~ the idea if girlfriend ever suggested it come him.

7 Alucard Considers Anderson His Equal

Alucard may act prefer he is above humans at all times, yet the reality is he has actually a good deal the respect for Humanity, and even considers them God"s finest creations. So lot so that he look at himself only as a weapon in the hand of Integra.

Also, Alucard believes only a human is worthy that one day beating him, and he had hoped Alexander Anderson would be that human. That is because, in every his life, Alucard had actually only ever before met two people (namely Dr. Helsing and Anderson) that were powerful enough to challenge him and push him really nearly to the edge.

Walter is the you re welcome old butler/unstoppable assassin in Integra"s employ. Unfortunately, it is revealed in later on episodes the Walter was a traitor who was willing to betray the Hellsing company in return for having the chance to hit Alucard come the death.

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An circumstances of Walter"s turncoat nature is actually hinted at at an early stage on. Prior to dying, Integra"s father had actually instructed Walter to protect her from she murderous uncle. However when the uncle to be attacking Integra, Walter was nowhere to it is in found. This was because he wanted Integra to have to enter the basement and also release Alucard indigenous his bonds in order to save herself.

5 Integra"s complete Commitment

In the civilization of Hellsing, Integra is viewed as the last line of defense against vampires, because of her commitment to the organization her forefathers created and the fact that she controls Alucard. In one episode, it was revealed that Integra is still a virgin, despite being a fully matured woman.

According to the mythology that the show, if a vampire strikes a virgin, the victim will certainly either die or turn right into a vampire themselves. This seems to be Integra"s insurance in the event of a vampire attacking her directly, in which situation she would certainly die outright, or turn right into a vampire and also continue her fight.

If over there is one template that is evident throughout the series, the is the triumph that modernism over antiquated ideals. The major villains are predominantly male groups and also literal Nazis hold onto your racist, bigoted views from the past and using patent old-timey weaponry, if Alucard self is the best monster indigenous the past who still exist today.

But by the finish of the series, the antiquated villains are defeated by an contemporary organization the mixed-races led by a woman, when Alucard, who began out as an ancient mythical demon, evolves into a quantum-locked creature right out that the most ambitious science-fiction stories after he embraces Schrodinger"s powers.

3 Alucard Doesn"t Fear Water As much As Seras

Alucard is the oldest vampire in the world, while Seras is a youngling vampire. This distinction in seniority is best exemplified by the reality that Seras is still allergic to water, so lot so the she demands to cross the sea while trapped in a coffin.

On the various other hand, Alucard has collected enough resistance to a vampire"s natural antipathy to water that he is may be to overcome the sea if standing atop a ship instead of having to it is in ensconced within his very own coffin because that the term of the journey.

We find out the Seras to be a virgin due to the fact that as a young child, she witnessed her mother obtain killed and then she dead body violated. This led Seras come (understandably) are afraid sex her entirety life. After becoming a vampire, this are afraid was transferred to the act of drink blood, and also how it would irrevocably adjust her into a true monstrous vampire.

Continuing through the design template of Seras fearing a certain act, she finally drinks blood native Pip, a male who loved her and also made her feel safe, and also it to be a completely consensual act on both political parties which resulted in Seras unlocking her full vampire powers and also Pip becoming her acquainted but while retaining his cost-free will.

1 Alucard Is The most Tragic Figure

Considering his invincible nature and snarky mindset towards everything, the is basic to forget that in a show filled v tragic figures, Alucard himself is the most tragic the all. He to be sold into slavery together a kid by his very own family and was consistently molested by his owners. This rotate him into a vengeful insane who came to be known for his too much cruelty and also was sentenced to a beheading.

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His only escape was to end up being a demon vampire, sentenced come live the end his days in the shadows. He did not get to be through the love the his life, Mina Harker. Complying with his humiliating defeat at the hand of Dr. Helsing, he to be held, tortured and experimented on for decades, ultimately ending up being nothing much more than a submissive attack dog because that the daughter the the guy who had defeated him. There to be very tiny happiness in Alucard"s life until he met Integra and also Seras.

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