Who is Kene Holliday and where is he today?

Kene retired from exhilaration in 2015, and has since been top an apparently peaceful life v his wife in Los Angeles, California.

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Childhood and education

Kene was elevated in Copiague an only child, by his mom who to be a seamstress and his father that was a construction worker. Once Kene was 12 his dad died, and also his mother encouraged him to go on with his life and also perhaps uncover comfort in sporting activities – this led Kene to start playing football at high school, and run track. The attended Copiague High school at which he was the ideal football player the college had ever before seen, and also was hence nicknamed ‘Mr. Hotshot’, together he scored plenty of goals top top the field.

After matriculation in 1967, Kene enrolled at the college of Maryland ~ being readily available a scholarship, and also while attending his second year there, he became interested in acting, and also played a lead role in the university’s yearly play.Kene graduated through a Bachelor that Arts level in 1971, and also then walk on to work-related at the Folger Shakespeare Library located in Washington, D. C. However, together he started abusing drugs and alcohol, Keen to be fired from the task – that would proceed to usage drugs and also drink virtually daily because that the complying with 14 years.Kene’s mother passed away in December 2010, after having combated Alzheimer’s condition for years.
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Roles in TV series

Kene has been attributed with showing up in over 60 movies and TV series, and also we are about to point out some the his most notable performances in this article.He made his debut TV collection appearance in 1976, when cast to guest star as Assistant D. A. Dunn in the illustration “A Shield because that Murder” of the action crime drama “Kojak”, if the complying with years experienced him show up in single episodes of many series, such together “The significant Hulk” in 1978, the an enig medical drama “Quincy, M. E.” in 1979, and also the comedy “Soap” in 1980.

He obtained recognition in 1985 when he was invite to voice Roadblock, one of the lead personalities in the animated activity adventure series “G. I. Joe: A genuine American Hero” additionally starring Jackson Beck and also Christopher Collins, and follows a group of upstream soldiers fighting terrorists.Kene continued appearing in a solitary episode of many collection – 3 of his last roles in TV collection before retiring from exhilaration were in the activity comedy medical crime drama “Diagnosis Murder” in 1996, the crime drama “Law & Order: unique Victims Unit” in 2005, and also the police procedural drama “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” in 2008.





Hobbies and also other interests

At one allude of his life, Kene’s key hobby to be drinking alcohol and also causing problems – on 30 December 1988, he had actually an discussion with someone, smashed the person’s residence windows and then gained into his car, crashing into an additional car parked nearby. Kene was arrested top top a number of occasions because that driving when intoxicated, and also was fired indigenous the collection “Matlock” in 1989 because of his alcohol abuse.Kene has been into travelling since he married Linda, and also the two have actually been all about the civilization together – they have actually been come every us state, and additionally to numerous European nations including Sweden, England and also Spain.
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They are both lovers of animals, however don’t have any kind of pets since they still occasionally travel.Kene has his very own favorite actor and actress who are Elvis Presley and also Emma Watson, and also a couple of of his favourite movies are “Viva las Vegas”, “Blue Hawaii” and also the franchise “Harry Potter”.

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Net worth

Kene’s period is 71. That has short black hair and brown eyes, his elevation is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) and he weighs about 160lbs (72kgs).As that October 2020, his net worth has been approximated at over $300,000.