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Irish tenor Paul Byrom has revealed just how counselling enabled him to challenge the dark pain resulted in by the split of his marriage.

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Last year the singer watched in dismay as his divorce come Phil Coulter’s daughter Dominique was processed after ~ just 5 years the marriage.

It was, that said, the darkest period of his life. Encountering into his 40th date of birth Paul claimed he to be staring rock bottom in the confront until he made decision to seek professional help.

“I look earlier on critical year and I just think wow.

“I was in a really dark ar at the time. I had to go out and also talk to someone professionally.

“I don’t desire to say i was dealing with depression since all as well many civilization are saying it now these days.


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“I think it is probably a fashionable point to be dealing with. I was absolutely dealing through a dark side.

“On the earlier of my own father committing suicide I can see the tell story sides the struggles. He to be an alcoholic so ns cut back on the drinking.

“It simply doesn’t help. So i sought assist and ns talked to a professional and also it traction me ideal out of it.

“I offered to leave in great kind and even the realisation the you space not a weirdo helps.

“It provided me perspective and also that assisted me with the separation and also the marriage malfunction and it obtained me come that suggest where I simply said that’s it, sufficient of the negativity.”

Paul very first met his wife when he performed on Coulter’s Tranquillity cruise once Dominique was 22.

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But after ~ a year of wondering how 5 years the marriage ended so abruptly, Paul has ultimately moved on indigenous the life-altering break-up.

“There to be something refreshing and also liberating about beginning again,” the says.

“I have no kids, no ties and I can have excellent anything. It was a clean separation and also it was a clean break.

“I will say that looking ago that is a blessing; I constantly wanted children with Dominique and also thought we would have actually had an excellent kids.

“But currently in hindsight ns am thankful that there to be nothing that tied us up in a facility situation.

“I have to tell girlfriend the family members courts is an eye opener. Anyone who gets involved should need to spend a day at the family courts and just check out the brutality of the separations.

“It to be an eye opener come me and I walked away v my head held high and also that to be what was important for me and also my family. And I to be looking front to next year i m sorry is a good place come be.”


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Paul has actually several reasons to it is in excited around 2020. That is currently starring in The Helix Panto and has announced a new live show Broadway and Beyond i beg your pardon takes place in the exact same venue on February 15.

But probably an ext importantly for Paul that has found love again, this time in his local gym.

“There is a far-ranging other and also to be ethical I don’t desire to go also much right into it”, the says. “Because it is beforehand days and I would choose to defend her and also the potential that the relationship.

“She is a lovely girl and also I met her v Cross Fit. I wasn’t in search of a relationship and I absolutely didn’t think she would certainly have any interest in me and it has actually been walking great.

“She has put a smile ago on my confront again. The is not till you rediscover love again that you realise you were lacking it.

“Even the small things like holding hand or affectionate gestures are earlier in mine life again.

“It is type of nice and also it has actually made me an extremely happy and also hopefully it will certainly go great but ns am simply trying to gain the moment. Ns am yes, really happy and feeling great about myself now.”

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In 2007 Paul came to be one of the original soloists in the hit present Celtic Thunder.

He toured north America and also Australia with the group and had 6 Number 1 world Billboard albums.

His last album reasoning of home reached the height of the iTunes, Amazon and World Billboard Charts.

Paul’s talent together a singer has actually taken him across the world, and also some that his job highlights encompass performing for dignitaries such together Emperor Akihito the Japan, former Irish presidents mary McAleese and also Mary Robinson and, most recently, for former US chairman Barack Obama.

But he admits do music has end up being quite a an obstacle which is why he has started crowdfunding on Indiegogo, to assist raise the €35,000 come release brand-new music.

“The last few years v the job weren’t easy and to be ethical it was on its knee at one point. I taken into consideration leaving singing completely about 3 years ago. It was too lot of a slog and I to be exhausted an ext than anything. I was financially struggling a bit and the opportunities weren’t comes in and also I just questioned my life.

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“I tried to join the guards yet I was also old. Climate I had a pint through a mate who just said come me ‘Paul friend couldn’t job-related in any kind of other job. This is what friend do and also it would be a shame to provide it up’.

“And he was right and also I put the head down and also got through with it.

“It is a brand-new Paul, at 40 and I to be crowdfunding for the new album. Ns am hope it happens. We room looking come raise €35,000 which is a lot of money. And also it is mine last roll of the dice ~ above this.

"People are constantly asking me in ~ gigs as soon as the brand-new album is comes out. So it is in your hands. If they want a brand-new album climate they have actually to assist out.

“If that doesn’t happen so it is in it. I am constantly spring at new avenues and also I love law theatre. However I recognize that whatever happens I will certainly be OK. I had lost a the majority of hope v myself those dark year whereas now I believe that great things can and also will happen.”

Paul is the returning star in this year Helix Christmas Panto The 3 Musketeers play the villainous Lord Beautface.

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The iconic show by TheatreworX Productions operation from November 22 come January 19 and likewise stars Paul's dog Bradley.