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If you grew up the town hall Dance Academy, there’s one moment from the display you’ve more than likely never recovered from.

It to be the reason you sobbed right into your pillow, the reason you occurred serious to trust issues, and even the mention of the to this day can cause your eye to begin welling up.

Yes, i am talking around Sammy’s untimely death.

Refresher: The day of the PrixDe Fonteyn, Sammy goes for a jog to lull his nerves before the big dance centregalilee.competition. Everything happens off-screen, yet through a series of events, we learn Sammy has been in an accident and was fight by a car.

He die on the way to thehospital. Prior to HE gets A opportunity TO DANCE!

Ugh, it’s therefore grossly unfair.


Seeing together it’s been six years due to the fact that that horrific moment in our lives, recorded up with Thom Green, that played Sammy, to need an apology see exactly how he’s been travellin’.

Here’s what we learned.

Thom is an extremely aware that the heartache Sammy has actually caused and also is sorry about it:

“People centregalilee.compose to me virtually daily top top Twitter or Instagram speak they can’t believe the producer ‘killed me off’ and/or that they bawled their eyes out.

“Sometimes they also seem surprised I’m tho posting on mine Instagram – together if Thom environment-friendly died!”

He takes time centregalilee.come apologise for the tidal wave of tears:

“When I have actually time I typically write back to civilization to to speak I’m sorry, define that i left the present to check out other avenues, and also assure them I’m quiet alive and also well.”

sammy on dance academy passed away i"m no okay

— love, lany / 11 ???? (
L0VENlCK) august 2, 2017

Thom think if Sammy were alive this particular day he would’ve gone abroad to dance:

“He would’ve please in love through a nice young man and would it is in Skyping his friends ago in Sydney whenever he had a preventive minute.”

Moving on native Sammy’s death, few of the ideal fan encounters Thom has actually experienced have actually been around Sammy’s sexuality:

“At the time we shot that storyline i remember thinking that us were act something various in young adult television.Before us, i remember Neighbours law a lesbian storyline and also that to be it. It simply wasn’t viewed on Aussie television.

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“When Season 2 had actually just perfect I had a pair of young men method me and tell me that Sammy’s ‘centregalilee.coming out’ actually assisted them expropriate their sexuality or assisted them centregalilee.come out to their family/friends. I’m really proud to it is in a part of a display that has had actually that sort of influence.”


Though he thinks Aussie TV still has some way to go once it pertains to representation that same-sex couples:

“In current years we’re beginning to see it a little an ext with shows favor Barracuda and also ABC’s Riot yet there could definitely be more. You’ll an alert that over the critical 5-10 years American TV shows have just exploded with LGBTQ characters/storylines which i think is fantastic!

“Young audiences require that. They have to be exposed much more to these personalities – whether they’re struggling v their sexuality or not.So, i still think we have actually a means to go in Aussie TV once it concerns tackling same-sex relationships.

“We’ve made some strides with mirrors that center on various ethnicities/religions/cultures in current years for this reason why can’t we carry out the same thing through sexuality?”

Thom has been busy acting since Dance Academy and also splits his time in between Australia and LA:

He’s nice chill top top what the future holds. “I’ve to be auditioning for Aussie and American projects, trying my hand at writing and also working a typical job just to save my sanity. I’m flying ago over to the U.S in a pair months so I’m simply going to check out what happens.”