“We nearby our eye in this world and also open them in the next.” – therefore goes the speak from game of Thrones in relation to your funeral rituals and beliefs ~ above death. Yet what room the roots of their funeral customs? ns dug deep into the dusty past and also figured it out for you.

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Stones or coins because that eyesPart of your rituals is composed of covering the eyes of a deceased human with a pair of stones that have eyes painted ~ above them. These painted eyes are depicted opened and also hereby offer the dead a brand-new set that eyes. That symbolic definition is to remind the civilization they need to not are afraid death, for they believe it is no truly the end of existence.

This ritual, i m sorry is beautifully visualized through the equipments of video game of Thrones, trunk from an old Greek practice in which two coins are put over a dead person’s eyes or inside a dead person’s mouth prior to burial, to save the eyelids from opening as a an outcome of decomposition and/or as a payment for a mythical number named Charon.



Ferryman the the deadCharon to be the ferryman of the dead and also an underworld heart in organization of Hades, king the the underworld. Charon’s task was to deliver the souls that the deceased in his skiff throughout a flow from one side, the human being of the living, come the other, the civilization of the dead. The coins, recognized as Charon’s obol, ensured the deceased’s i to the afterlife.

However, that was additionally believed that souls that did not fulfill Charon’s payment, were doomed to wander the shores that the river for a hundred years. It was feared this souls would certainly come earlier from the dead to haunt the living. If towns were win by illness or starvation, stories of revenants and also undeads would soon go around. Among the most effective ways to put a protect against to this, to be for the dead human to die anew. The corpse would certainly be decapitated, a stake would certainly be thrust through its heart or that would even be burned.

Another dealbreaker for Charon to be the unburied. If a dead person had actually not been effectively buried, Charon would not take your soul throughout the river. Castle would have to wait on the river bank until it was your time.


TotenpassThe ancient Greek and Egyptian had another comparable rite, in the type of a so-called Totenpass (passport for the dead.) These to be inscribed tablets or metal leaves which would certainly be placed on or close to the body of a dead person and contained indict on just how to navigate the afterlife.

A Totenpass would lug statements on the meaning of life, death and also rebirth, and elaborate info of what the person would encounter in the underworld. It would certainly tell them what kind of points to watch the end for and also what come say to vital beings they might meet that could assist their souls happen on come the following life, therefore they would be sure of a pleasant remain on the various other side, and even be able to rise in spiritual status.

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Charon’s final tripWho knows what we really need in the afterlife, however it seems like a quite gesture if the people who outlive you room considerate enough to make certain your journey proceeds on in the best means possible. Throughout the centuries, our beliefs around ourselves have been reshaped, and our thoughts of what awaits united state after death have dramatically changed. Yet what if Charon is still the end there, waiting for us on the river bank? Is the underworld crowded through souls who are stuck there, looking out over the water, yearning to ultimately pass over?

Or has actually Charon provided up his skiff ~ the traffic of souls who needed passage lessened? possibly he do one final boat trip, to lug himself across the river to the civilization of the dead, where he was similar to all the others. Ready for a new adventure, ready for a new set that eyes.