Bats are recognized for your zig-zagged, regularly erratic-looking flight paths. They have the right to sometimes seem a little ADD as they dart here and also there, constantly changing their emphasis from one meal to the following (many bats space insectivores, eat flying insects appropriate out the the air). But, since bats are regularly sighted in the night or dusk hours, it’s not constantly easy to gain a great read ~ above them.

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The nocturnal behavior bats exhibit can prompt some to wonder: “Do bats fly throughout the day?”. In this article, we’ll be answering this question head-on, and we’ll be trying out the numerous reasons by bats take flight at all. And, we’ll be answering some related concerns in our ‘Bat flight FAQ’ situated towards the end.


Photo Credit: Diego Lizcano on Flickr

Why perform Bats choose the Night?

Before us tackle the topic of daytime bat flight, stop make certain we attend to the factors why many bats select to take to the skies as soon as it’s dark outside. The main reasons why bats choose to be energetic at night are:

Food availability. During daylight hours, insectivorous birds by the thousands space flying everywhere, doing all they have the right to to hunt numerous of the exact same insects that bats would prey upon. This birds room competition because that bats, i beg your pardon is—according come at least one scientist—a chief factor why bats continue to be in their roosts during the day.

Protection indigenous predators. even as nimble and elusive together bats are, they do have actually quite a few natural predators the hunt them. These predators encompass weasels, skunks, foxes, and snakes, simply to name a few. Gift outside during daylight hours would topic bats come much an ext of a danger from these animals. The being said, there are nocturnal animals who prey upon bats—owls stand for a big number the them.

Remember, too, that human beings are an created threat to bats. In fact, in some components of the world, there space orchestrated initiatives aimed at culling whole bat populations. Being energetic at night helps save the bat out of sight of humans.

The meals are tastier. This somewhat related to the first point provided above. Many flying insects are more active at night, a reality that bats take it full benefit of. Among the many favorite meals because that bats are moths, and also if we know anything around moths, we recognize they fly around a lot in the evening and nighttime hours.

<Fun Fact: you may understand that bats usage echolocation to navigate and also hunt their prey. But, did you likewise know that some moths have arisen a ‘radar jamming’ ability that helps to defend them from bats? Amazing!>

Lastly, bats prefer to fly in ~ night due to the fact that they’ve adjusted to this nocturnal way of living over the previous 50 million years or so. Through trial and also error, bats have learned that they’re an ext successful in hunting, breeding, and avoiding predators by maintaining their activities relegated to hours of the day that don’t see lot sun, if any.

A critical Answer

Now the we know why bats prefer the night, let’s answer ours initial question: “Do bats fly during the day?”.

The prize is yes. Some bats do fly during the day, rather regularly in fact!

In bespeak to far better explain why part bats choose to fly throughout the day, we need look no additional than the Blyth’s Horseshoe Bat, a bat the is native to parts of India and also the Malay Peninsula. This bat has been observed out searching in large daylight, swooping with the skies trying to find delicious woodland insects come dine upon.

But why? Why go this bat in certain seem so impervious come the daytime threats we discussed above? Well, in one word, the prize is ecosystem.

You see, the Blyth’s Horseshoe Bat the hunts during the job is doing for this reason on a remote island the doesn’t have actually the exact same amount of vain or predators the bats challenge is other parts the the world. And, top top this island, the insect population can frequently be 100 times more dense in the daytime hours—an ecological feature that way ‘all day buffet’ because that these bats.

So, yes, some bats do fly during the day. However, this is an ext of an exemption than a rule, and the vast bulk of bats are rather content to keep their hunting and foraging tasks restrained to hours of the work that room dimly lit or fully dark altogether. This doesn’t mean that if you view a bat in the daytime the something have to be wrong v it. It might simply be gaining an extra enjoy the meal or 2 in prior to heading earlier to that cave.

Here is a look in ~ a nest of bats in Australia the goes for daylight flights!

The Bat trip FAQ

Because you’ve got an ext questions around bat flight, we’re bringing you the answers.

Are bats afraid of light?

To suggest that bats room afraid of light wouldn’t necessarily be accurate. Over there is a usual misconception that bats space blind or nearly blind, a characteristic that would make lock ambivalent to irradiate at all. The reality is the bats actually see reasonably well, and they can also use their sight to assist them in hunting.

It’s no that bats fear light per se. Rather, since bats have adjusted to a largely nocturnal lifestyle, the visibility of daylight shows to them the it’s time to it is in sleeping, resting, or communing v others in their colony.

Are bats blind during the day?

The Blyth’s Horseshoe Bat mentioned over is, prefer all various other bats, absolutely not blind, and also it hunts in the day fairly well. However, because the echolocation attribute of bat navigating doesn’t count on light at all, much more light doesn’t necessarily mean easier hunting or more efficient flying. Providing this, it’s for sure to say that also though the sun may be out, this doesn’t median that bats somehow suddenly end up being blind.

What time of day to bats come out?

Bats space most active when their food is most active and when the an ext dangerous predators favor foxes and also weasels room slumbering. What this means for most bat species is late dusk to early morning hours.

Where execute bats go throughout the day?

When the hunt is over and also the bat has actually been satisfactorily sustained by a mix of moths, mosquitoes, and dragonflies, the most most likely going to go back to it’s roost. This roost could be a cave, a rocky outcropping, an exit mineshaft, or a defunct structure built through humans. Bat roosts are often populated by whole bat colonies, and some bat colonies can live in the same roost for countless years.

Respecting Bats for serene Coexistence

Unfortunately, yes a lot of misinformation the end there when it pertains to bats, the peril they pose come humans, and also how precisely these fascinating animals live the end their lives. However, when we take the time to learn from this delicate, outstanding creatures, we finish up being better for that (and so does the bat!).

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Hopefully, this short article has burned some irradiate (no pun intended) on part bat truth you didn’t understand beforehand. If you’re eager to discover more, feel complimentary to check out the various other bat-related information had on this page.