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If you’re lucky sufficient to be owned by a cat, you know just how entertaining these furry creatures deserve to be!

Behind their severe feline façade, yes sir a human being of comedy, laughter, and also quirkiness. This quirkiness come in countless forms that expression and to discover your cat knead and also bite your blanket should be the most unexpected quirk of castle all!

But why execute cats knead and also bite blankets? Kittens knead and bite their mother’s nipples to relax milk. While many cats outgrow this behavior, others discover it comforting throughout your life. Through kneading their blanket cats additionally claim it together their own, thanks to the odor glands in your paws.

If you desire to know much more about this eccentric behavior look no further! We’ve gathered all the blanket kneading and also biting details in this article.

Let’s acquire into it!


What Is Cat Kneading and also Biting?

Before we get into every the whys, it’s necessary to know specifically what this unusual behavior is. Also referred to as “making bread or biscuits”, kneading is as soon as a kitten or a cat presses your claws into soft surfaces, prefer blankets, cushions, or clothes and sometimes also our own mortal flesh.

When cats knead, they push in and also out v their feet against the surface ar they can sleep on. They typically use their claws, retracting them together they traction back, one paw at a time. Part cats sucking or bite at their blanket when kneading, i beg your pardon is also quite common. While biting could lug comfort to part cats, if your cat is doing much more than biting and is actually eating the ceiling it might ba a worrying condition referred to as feline pica. Feline pica occurs as soon as cats eat non-food substances and you can read an ext about that here.

Why do Cats Knead and Bite Blankets?

While some cats outgrow the habit that kneading and also biting, others lug it v them into adulthood. Part cat parental associate this habits with a claw sharpening technique, yet the factors behind it space quite various and much more complex.

A education Technique

Kneading is a natural actions in cats, and it begins from the minute the kitten is born. Kittens knead the nipples of their mother while castle nursing, and also this basic movement stimulates milk production. Kittens could likewise run to their mom for comfort and also they’ll nurse even if the milk bar is dry.

One of the most common reasons for your kitty to adopt this behavior after that in your life is if they to be separated from their mothers too early. Part have suggested that kittens that were bottle-fed would also knead as mature cats. Follow to Dr. Nick Dodman, manager of the animal Behavior Clinic at the Cummings college of Veterinary medicine at Tufts University, “they may begin sucking top top themselves, their littermates, or details wooly materials, particularly wool itself.”

Along through kneading, there space some cat that might additionally suck or bite at their blanket. This behavior isn’t uncommon, and also it could additionally be a leftover indigenous kittenhood. Biting and also sucking at any soft and also warm item could simply it is in a comforting habit that brings them back to their mother.

Wild Cat Behavior

Some theories imply that this behavior could it is in traced back to a time prior to the domestication the cats. According to these theories, the wild cats would knead and pat down the leaf to make the soil softer for sleeping or giving birth. So, your kitty might instinctively be doing what his ancestors did as soon as it was time come sleep.

Claiming The Blanket together Their Territory

Another common reason why your furball can be kneading and also biting their blanket is territory. Not only do cats sweat from the soft pads in ~ the bottom of your paws, yet they additionally have scent glands there. As they knead the blanket, they release a scent onto the surface, explain it as their own.

This actions is additionally quite typical in multi-cat households, where cats have to create their rule over some component of the residence or item. You’ve more than likely noticed that many cats have actually their preferred sleeping spots, even if it is it’s your very own bed or a fuzzy blanket. The kneading technique is the most common means of maintaining other cats away from it and also making it always easily accessible to them.

Relaxation and Comfort

“Kittens knead top top their mother while nursing,” says Rachel Barrack, a veterinary of pet Acupuncture and also adds, “many cats bring this habits into adulthood and also may knead their owners, various other furry siblings or bedding.” according to Barrack kneading deserve to soothe cats and they could even go into a “trance-like state.” This way that there could be part drooling!

Since cats can feel quite fragile when going to sleep, it just makes sense that lock would use kneading and also biting to create a sense of safety and security that their mothers were responsible for.

Biting and also kneading other fuzzy and warm, releases your nursing instinct. So, it’s likewise not uncommon to find your kitty purr while it kneads. This is a solid sign the your cat is content and happy. At times it truly makes me wonder if ns should additionally copy this de-stressing actions from mine cats, even if i look awfully ridiculous!

A authorize Of Trust

Whether her loving furball is kneading you, while sit on your lap or your clothes and also blankets, the a clear sign of trust and also affection towards you. “If friend do have a cat that kneads their bedding, or far better yet you, it’s since they’re feeling an extremely loved and also comfortable,” as suggested by Katie armor a job coordinator in ~ MSPCA Boston fostering Center.

Just look at this multi-tasking ginger cat. That kneads, the bites and he purrs!

Should You it is in Concerned?

If your feline companion dabbles in the arts of kneading and also biting, yes sir a good chance that this habits will be stuck to him transparent his life. This habit isn’t something you must be worried about unless there you’ve noticed other unusual symptoms of poor health.

Does her Cat has actually Pica?

Cats that have actually never shown signs that biting blankets or other fabrics, can be making use of this actions as an attempt to self-soothe. If you’ve to be away from home for longer, or if your communication with your cat has adjusted perhaps her cat is feeling anxious or bored. Also though cats try to action cool, castle love routine. Small changes might make her kitty feeling neglected or favor like their civilization is fallout’s apart.

If you discover your cat biting and sucking on products that are unhealthy particularly plastic, or synthetic fabrics, it might be a sign of an underlying medical trouble called pica. According to Arnold Plotnick, a medical professional of Veterinary medication at the ACVIM, cats v unexplained cradle symptoms and also a history of eating unusual objects must be examined right away.

Next time you discover your cat biting your blanket make certain they’re not in truth eating it. V fluffy and fuzzy blankets, it can easily walk unnoticed. Ns remember finding one of my cat biting and also sucking top top my leather purse, unfortunately, or thankfully, I found the lacking pieces in the litterbox the next day however I quiet went to obtain the all-clear from mine veterinarian.

Oral Health

Another typical reason your cat might be sucking and biting on their blanket is dentist pain. Some cats use this an approach to relieve themselves indigenous this pain, by pulling the blanket aggressively or also chewing top top it. “They could be trying to relieve themselves of pain or discomfort, or castle calling to you, trying to lug your attention to problems like these,” claims Katenna Jones, a Rhode Island-based certified cat actions consultant.

If this is the instance then make certain to inspect your kitty for signs of gum an illness or tooth decay. A visit to the vet have to be the best means to eliminate this concern.


While kneading and also biting can be a perfectly common habit, there space other components that can make it fairly dangerous for her kitty. The danger lays in the ceiling itself. It’s really important the your cat’s ceiling is do of for sure materials, best hypoallergenic. Chemicals used in cheap materials might lead come sneezing, swollen paws or excited skin, and even vomiting. If you’re not sure exactly how safe is your cat’s blanket, check out this super-comfy cat-friendly ceiling on Amazon.

Don’t forget to keep your cat’s blanket clean. A great wash when a week must keep it free of unnecessary bacteria.

Should You avoid Your Cat Kneading and also Biting?

If you’ve noticed your kitten displaying such behavior, there could be a great chance the this habit will follow him right into his adulthood. The course, yes no factor to worry if your grown cat kneads and also bites their blanket uneven they begin to ingest the fabric.

Negative Association

In situation your cat is mirroring suspicious symptoms like consuming the items castle knead and also bite, climate the an adverse association method might be right for you. Scent plays critical role in a cat’s life and there room actually particularly designed assets that discourage chewing, licking, and biting. Among the most renowned is bitter Apple spray i m sorry is generally used in veterinary medication to prevent cats and also dogs indigenous chewing your bandages. Yet you could use that on other materials too and you deserve to see the recent price top top Amazon by clicking here.

Replacement an approach

If her cat has an allergy reaction to your favorite blanket, make certain to change it with a hypoallergenic one. By doing so there’s a possibility that her cat can find the ns of your blanket stressful. In the case, shot to replace the ceiling with one more item of clothing. Perhaps an old shirts or a woolen jumper through your sent out on it could work better. The replacing process should be gradual, and you can have to go ago and forth till your cat accepts the imposter-blanket.

Stopping the kneading

If your cat no consume fluffy blankets and also fuzzy covers, yet for part reason, you’d like them to avoid this behavior, it is in prepared. This is a an overwhelming habit come break due to the fact that it goes earlier to her cat’s kittenhood, however it can be precious the try.

When her kitty begins to knead and bite, gently press it under to a lying position. This is a signal, by disrupting your kneading regime you’re informing your cat that it’s time to go to bed. Mental to carry out so with a calm tone and a tenderness touch.

You could distract her cat with a toy or part catnip. Pulling your cat’s paw away and saying “no”, might also work, and also eventually, her cat will unlearn this behavior. Kneading and biting is a herbal instinctive behavior and also it’s vital to mental that. So, no matter how hard you try your cat might never abandon it.

Anxiety relief

As stated before, kneading and biting blankets might be rooted in your cat’s anxiety. If this is the instance with her cat, you should do everything you have the right to to make your feline companion feel more relaxed and also happier in his environment.

Perhaps you must spend much more quality time through your feline companion, through playing and also cuddling together. Damn them with their favourite treats. If you’re the parent of much more than one cat, then perhaps one of your kitties is being bullied through his feline roommate. If the balance between your cats in your family members is disrupted, it could be time you’ve bought a brand-new cat tree! If nothing seems to work perhaps the time you and also your kitty saw your neighborhood vet, to eliminate any health reasons behind the anxiety.

Why do Cats choose Wool

I’ve often uncovered my cat enjoying your naps on my cozy woolen sweaters and I’ve wondered, why execute they prefer them so much? I expect the same factor we wear them in the first place. Structure is soft and also warm and also something around this product probably reminds castle of their mothers.

Unless you and also your cat are the minority of creatures allergic to lanolin, structure is taken into consideration hypoallergenic. Wool is resistant come dust mites and also it creates under dust particles. This makes it a great material for cat to sleep safe on.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the situation for the cat that endure from pica. These kitties could get into the habit of consuming the structure while they bite that to lull themselves. Through wool, there could also be the peril of her cat choking on it. So, it’s important to make certain that your cat’s love because that wool no all around its taste.

Closing Thoughts

As a proud cat parent, I uncover it fascinating living v my 2 cat-mates. I’m blessed v the chance of finding out the numerous ways ours fur-babies show their love because that us.

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Cats can express their affection and trust together they knead ours lap leaving love claw-marks and love bites or they perform all your kneading and biting come the special blanket we’ve provided them.