When friend look about a soccer team, one of the an initial things that records your eye is the the goalie is wearing various colors come the remainder of the team. Every other player top top the team is matching however not the goalie who will frequently grab your attention in their brightly colored uniform. I desire to describe to girlfriend the crucial reason why that is.

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Soccer goalies stay a different color uniform 보다 the rest of the football player on your team so that the video game officials, players, and also fans have the right to instantly distinguish them indigenous the rest of the players on the football field. The goalie requirements to it is in easily figured out as they do a different role than the various other players on their team.

The unique role of a goalie method they need to be easily identified, yet their an option of colors and also the factor for that is precious looking into in a bit more detail. You might be surprised by what you uncover out.

Different color for different Role

In every video game of football you clock or beat in, the goalie will certainly be attract a different color uniform 보다 those approximately them. Soccer may be a team game however when it concerns the uniform the goalie is on their own.

The straightforward reason because that this is because the legislations of the video game that administrate soccer an international make it clear the things need to be this way.

In regulation 4: The Player’s devices the rules state:

Each goalkeeper need to wear color that room distinguishable from the other players and also the complement officials

IFAB legislations of the Game

As you review this, I’m sure you deserve to see the the rules space clear about this. Each goalie need to be distinctive in the colors castle wear.

But why carry out the rule of soccer firmly insist on this? would certainly it really matter if the goalie wore the same color uniform together the remainder of their team?

One reason that the different color uniform is necessary is the it deserve to be really hard to identify a particular player in a split second when the game is relocating fast and also everyone has crowded around.

I understand there are countless times once I’ve been playing and also the just reason I’ve been able to identify if someone is on mine team or is a goalie is since of the color of your uniform. This is also the case when I’ve recognized the world on mine team because that years.

There is something around the bright color of a jersey that catches the eye faster than you have the right to recognize a certain face. And also in the chaos of a game that is occasionally all you have time for.

This is the instance for not just the players but the game officials also. Countless referees and referee’s aides don’t recognize the separation, personal, instance players and all they have to go ~ above is the uniforms that the players room wearing.

This is especially important v a goalie because the goalie has actually a different duty to anyone rather on their team and different rules apply to them than use to the remainder of the football player on your team.

Different rules apply to the goalie

The most evident example of this is the fact that a goalie can use your hands come touch the soccer ball. No other player is allowed to do this and if they execute they will get a caution, or worse, be sent out off of the soccer field.

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Because the the rule that use solely to a goalie the referee demands to have the ability to quickly and plainly distinguish the goalie indigenous the remainder of the football player on your team.

Requiring a goalie to wear different colors to the remainder of the team also restricts the team from an altering what player is playing as goalie without the referee knowing.

Although the rule of soccer enable a team to adjust their goalie part means through a game it has to be done during a stoppage in play and also the referee needs to be aware it is happening.

Having to adjust uniform prevents one more player on the team from utilizing their hand in place of the goalie and then explain they had swapped positions v the goalie and they are now playing in goal. If they are not wearing the goalie uniform climate they are not the goalie!

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Can Goalkeepers wear the exact same Color?


So, although friend hopefully know why the goalie wears various colors to the rest of their team, what walk that mean for the opposition goalie? there are always two goalies ~ above the field so execute they have to wear various colors to each other?

Soccer goalkeepers have the right to wear the same shade jersey as each other throughout a game if neither goalie has actually a replacement jersey in a various color. If the goalie’s uniform is the same color as the goalie on the various other team the referee can enable the video game to walk ahead as planned.

The ideal situation is because that the goalie to it is in wearing a different color. As we showed over from law 4 of the football rules, the goalie have to wear a shade that is “distinguishable native the other players“. However the same dominance then walk on to say:

“If the two goalkeepers’ shirts space the exact same color and neither has an additional shirt, the referee permits the match to it is in played

IFAB laws of the Game

This dominance is there to permit smaller, lower organization teams who may not have actually the spending plan to purchased a second goalie uniform alternative to continue their authorized in the game. Through the 2 goalies positioned at opposite end of the football field, over there is very little chance the they will certainly spend lot if any time, near to every other throughout a game. It need to be clean to anyone associated in the video game which goalie belongs come which team.

How do Soccer Goalies select Their Color?

There are a variety of reasons a football goalie may choose a details color for your uniform. The reasons include:

Personal preferenceThe shade is liked by the coach or marketing departmentThe color is chosen based upon research

Although not too common for organized soccer games, you will occasionally find that the goalkeeper themselves has actually chosen your uniform. This selection is based purely on personal preference and also as lengthy as it is a different color to the rest of the team that is ok.

For the bulk of goalies, they will have the color of your jersey, or uniform, preferred for them. Most teams have actually the coach, equipment manager, or also marketing department and also sponsors decision on the color and design the the team’s uniform.

At the peak level the soccer, over there is a many thought and also money the goes right into deciding something together seemingly an easy as what color a team wears. The team’s brand is important and also this includes the team’s uniform. Therefore the choice of shade that the goalie wears on the soccer ar is typically out the the goalie’s hands.

This way of deciding what color the goalie have to wear is often why you view a goalie wearing a bright shade rather 보다 a pale one.

Goalies regularly wear shining uniforms since research reflects that a football player is much less likely come score versus a goalie in a bright color and also a goalie need to make the many of any advantage they can gain over the opposition.

This research proved that when a goalie wore a red jersey the player trying to score past them was less likely to score than when the goalie wore a shade that wasn’t as bright. A bright color seems come grab a player’s attention and subconsciously make a player kick the ball towards the bright color rather than away native it. As a goalie, you desire the round to concerned you.

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Hopefully, you now feel you understand why goalies undertake a different shade to the rest of your team or anyone else on the football field.

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