Surge protectors are claimed to sit in between an electric outlet and your digital devices and also appliances, protecting them from strength surges. What happens once they malfunction? more to the point, how have the right to you tell the a rise protector has actually stopped working?

Some human being will encourage you come look in ~ the lights. Yet what go a flickering irradiate on a surging protector mean? What happens as soon as that light lowers or turns off altogether?

A green light indicates surge protector is all set to defend versus surges.

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A red irradiate is typically a power light that shows that the rise protector has actually been plugged right into an energetic outlet. A move light turns the protector on as well as a separate power light.

However, You won’t find obvious answers to this questions. This is because lights ~ above a surging protector perform various functions relying on the model. As such, a flickering irradiate on one surging protector can mean other entirely different from a flickering light on one more surge protector.

Of course, the shouldn’t avoid you from trying to translate the flickering, blinking, and also dimming lights on her surge protector. As you will soon see, if you use some tact, over there are ways to make sense of the actions of her surge protector’s light.

Surge Protector eco-friendly Light Flickering/Off/On/Not on/Dim

If the green light on your surge protector is flickering, dimming or it has actually gone off completely, your solution will rely on the objective the green light plays.

You need to realize that part surge protectors have actually several lights and they can mean any variety of things, for instance:


1). You have actually lights that display that the rise protector’s surge security mechanisms space working. If these lights space on, you deserve to trust her surge protector to protect your tools from dangerous surges, no to cite fluctuations.

2). Some lights are linked with grounding. When lock illuminate, castle prove that the outlet into which the surge protector has been plugged is grounded appropriately. Some lamp will rotate on once you plug the protector right into an outlet the hasn’t to be earthed.

3). Part surge protectors have actually lights that only activate when they conference a problem. That includes over-voltage problems (where a voltage spike occurs) and under-voltage symptom (where the voltage falls listed below the required level).

A surge protector the detects over and also under-voltage has sensors that have the right to identify common voltage levels. These same sensors will take keep in mind of abnormal fluctuations, utilizing the lamp to show an over or under-voltage to the consumer.

4). If you have a Belkin rise protector, the Belkin website mentions one inrush/over-current device that kicks in when a connected an equipment draws excessive amounts of electrical current. The manufacturer has consisted of indicator lights that will certainly warn you once this happens.

You have to understand the duty that each light plays. This is the only means to that s right diagnose her surge protector when things walk wrong. In plenty of surge protectors, the eco-friendly light is associated with the surge defense mechanisms.

Tripplite agrees through this assessment. As far as they room concerned, when a green light comes on, it method that the surging protector is all set to defend against surges. Therefore, once that environment-friendly light walk off, you have the right to conclude that things have gone wrong and the surge security mechanisms have stopped working.

It is worth noting the a catastrophic that reasons the surge security to prevent working will many likely cause the green surge light to go off. It won’t blink or flicker, and if that does, this won’t last long.

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Surge Protector power Light Flickering/Blinking

These lights activate when you plug the surging protector into an outlet and also you move the power on. A power light speak you the the surging protector is on, that it has electricity running with it.

The flickering power light on a rise protector isn’t as problematic as you could think.

Most power lights feature neon lamps i beg your pardon are highly efficient. if manufacturers love them, neon bulbs at some point wear out. Over the weeks, months, and also years, their components will degrade, leading to them come flicker.

Eventually, lock will revolve off altogether. This shouldn’t issue you. Her surge protector is still fine. You have the right to replace the neon bulb. However, also if friend don’t, AZ Central doesn’t suppose the neon bulb’s absence to influence the work of the surge protector. This is also true for an plain power strip.

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Surge Protector Switch irradiate Blinking/Flickering

Some surge protectors have actually a move that transforms the protector on and a different power light. Others incorporate the switch and the power light. In various other words, once you flip the switch right into the ‘ON’ position, the light inside the switch will certainly come on.

This light serves the same objective as a separate power switch. It tells you that the surge protector has been turned on. If the switch offers neon bulbs, they will ultimately degrade, causing the switch light to flicker and also blink before going turn off altogether. This isn’t an issue.

A dead switch irradiate cannot stop the surging protector indigenous doing that work.

Surge Protector power Strip irradiate Blinking/Flickering/Red Light

Most power strip lights are red or orange. This is likewise true because that switch lights. If the blinking/flickering irradiate on her surge protector is red or orange, it is most most likely a power light that shows that a rise protector has been rotate on or off.


If the red or orange light has actually neon bulbs, they will degrade over time. This causes them come blink and also flicker. Eventually, the irradiate will prevent working. But this won’t impact the surge protection mechanisms the your power strip.

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Surge Protector Red Light no On

A lot of people panic when the red irradiate on their surge protector refuses to walk on. This is specifically true in cases where the light was on yet then the went off and also refused come turn earlier on. A red light is usually a power light the comes top top to show that the rise protector has actually been plugged into an energetic outlet.

If the manufacturers that the surging protector supplied neon bulbs, those bulbs will degrade over time and the irradiate will ultimately go off. This no a negative thing. That doesn’t average that the rise protector has actually stopped working. The protector doesn’t need the red light to execute its function.

It need to be listed that a dead red irradiate is only innocent if the is the strength or move light. Check the rise protector’s manual. On part surge protectors, a red light might represent the protector’s surge protection abilities. This is usually assigned come a green light. However, a manufacturer might favor a red light.

As such, if the red irradiate is off, it means that the surge security mechanisms have stopped working. In some surge protectors, a red light will come top top to indicate that the surge defense mechanisms have actually stopped working, in i beg your pardon case, a red light that isn’t top top is a great thing. It means that the surging protector is still functional.

It every comes under to the manual. If you don’t have actually one, visit the manufacturer’s website. They will certainly tell girlfriend what the red light indicates and what it way when the light goes ~ above or off.

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What perform Surge Protectors Do?

To know the functions of the lights on her surge protector, friend must an initial understand the role these gadgets play. Surge protectors room power strips through surge protection mechanisms.

According to Home Depot, most of them usage Metal Oxide Varistors which reduce resistance in the occasion of a strength surge. This enables the MOVs to direct disastrous quantities of electrical power away indigenous the appliances linked to the surging protector.

Because they space resistant come low-voltage current, MOVs perform not impact the ordinary flow of electrical energy to your digital devices. Surge protectors are claimed to defend your appliances versus power surges however that doesn’t make them invulnerable.

Every time a surging protector meet a surge, the MOV loser its potency. This is true because that both small and big surges. Eventually, the MOV will certainly wear out. When this happens, your rise protector will lose its surge security capabilities. This can happen automatically because of one large surge or after number of weeks and also months because of a series of smaller sized surges.

This is why a flickering light on a surging protector causes so much concern. The encourages world to wonder whether their surge protector has stopped working.

What reasons Surge protection to prevent Working?


The components in surge protectors that protect against dangerous electric currents from reaching your equipment are no immune come surges. Every time they redirect a surge, they come to be weaker and also less potent.

If your surge protector has actually a environment-friendly light that indicates the presence of surge security mechanisms, the light must stay on. This is the only means to recognize for specific that the surge defense is quiet working.

If the eco-friendly light walk off, it means that her surge protector encountered a rise so powerful that it destroyed the materials that allow it to safeguard your equipment. This doesn’t constantly happen at once.

Sometimes, a rise protector stop defending her equipment because it has encountered several small surges over the course of several weeks and months. Through each surge the redirects, it i do not care weaker and weaker until it stop working.

At the point, the rise protector becomes an ordinary power strip. You deserve to use the to power your appliances but it won’t safeguard them versus surges.

If her protector’s eco-friendly light has gone off, you can assume the its surge defense mechanisms space no much longer functional. yet again, this is just true if the eco-friendly light is connected to the rise protection.

Don’t jump to this conclusion, not without consulting the manual. As was detailed before, the lights on her surge protector could mean any variety of things. If the eco-friendly light is the floor light and also it has gone off, the electric outlet has actually a problem.

It might have bad grounding or no grounding at all. either way, you must unplug the surge protector. Over there is no suggest in acting till you understand what the green light means. Otherwise, friend ran the risk of misinterpreting the signs and taking the wrong steps.

The matter of loosened Connections

People tend to respond to flickering lights by assuming the the surge defense is one of two people defective or it has stopped working. But in part scenarios, you have loose connections and also wires. This can reason both the green and red lights to flicker, blink, and also dim. Loose connections room dangerous because they can cause fires.

How need to You Respond to Surge Protector irradiate Flickering, Dimming, or Dying?

The most effective solution to flickering, blinking, dimming, and also deadlights is to change the surge protector. This is especially true whereby the eco-friendly light is concerned. Power lights room not one issue since they are claimed to phone call you even if it is or no the rise protector is on.

They have nothing to perform with the surge defense mechanisms. Greens lights, especially those that indicate the condition of the rise protection, need to be illuminated at all times

Cyber Power has emphasized this issue.

They argue the a rise protector whose green surge light no illuminated have to be replaced because that surging protector deserve to no much longer defend versus spikes, surges, and also fluctuations.

This sounds like an overreaction yet it is the correct response. A surging protector whose surge protection has actually stopped working is just a strength strip. The cannot prevent a rise from damaging your equipment, therefore it offer no purpose.

If girlfriend don’t know for details what your eco-friendly light does, whether or not it indicates the condition of the surge protection, and also if the is important dimming and also flickering, you should replace your surge protector every the same.

You can not afford come take possibilities here. Part surges space so an effective that they produce tangible results. they will cause the rise protector to pop and hiss. In part situations, they will leave scorch marks.

People that observe such indicators won’t hesitate to replace their protectors. Unfortunately, most surges space subtle. They do not produce dramatic results. Friend won’t also know the they killed the surge protector’s defensive mechanism.

The just tool you deserve to lean on to measure your surge protector’s protective capabilities is the indicator light. And also if the light is flickering, blinking, dimming, or dead, take it that as a sign that the surging protector demands replacement.

Do no wait because that a surging to ruin your equipment. If you’ve had actually the protector for 2 or three years, change it even if the environment-friendly surge light is on. Friend shouldn’t store these devices for too long.


You cannot analyze the an interpretation behind a blinking, flickering or dead light without very first determining what the light does. You need to examine the manual. If the light is red and it is a strength or switches light, climate it designed to display that a surging protector has actually been turn on or off.

Because such lights often tend to attribute neon bulbs, and neon bulbs degrade over time, the flickering, blinking, and also dimming shouldn’t problem you. The strength or switch light has actually nothing to carry out with the surge defense mechanisms of her surge protector.

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This behavior should only concern you if the light is environment-friendly or if the red light has actually been design to stand for your power strip’s surge protection abilities. Examine the hand-operated or manufacturer’s website for guidance prior to you act.