In the following, some symptoms are listed with their causes, treatment recommendations or precautionary measures. These space only personal experiences and there is no guarantee for the correctness that the information.

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Missing limbs: Moulting or cannibalism deserve to lead to shortened or absent limbs and antenncae, which frequently has no major consequences. Shortened four may even regenerate fully in with following moultings. Occasionally, even extr moulting is done because that healing purposes.Deformations: Before and also during a moult, the humidity have to be contempt elevated, otherwise the pet may obtain stuck in the skin and it may cause deformations (torn limbs). In order to avoid falling down throughout the moulting process, the pet must be able to hold on well (to gauze or branches) and also be left completely alone until it has cleared out of the old skin and also hardened. If an pet is so bad deformed the it deserve to no much longer walk or eat, freeze is, follow to existing scientific knowledge, the best type of salvation.Food denial: One to two days before and after a moulting or the structure of oothecae mantises have the right to refuse the food. In this case, everything is fine. In instance of persistent refuse of food and thinning abdomen, one should inspect the keeping parameters (temperature and also humidity) and adjust if necessary. A common beginner’s mistake is a continuous high humidity. In situation of doubt favor too dry than as well moist!Vomiting: If an animal spits out a brown-black and foul-smelling fluid from the mouth, the is a sign of illness. In this case, various other feeder insects need to be available (preferably quickly digestible food such together flying insects) and the temperature increased to restart the cradle tract. Commonly too high humidity can additionally be the cause.Eggbound: In rarely cases, a female hesitates out oviposition because that so long that her abdomen thickens and also eventually bursts. This is generally the instance with unmated females who room waiting for a male. Rise in air humidity and also temperature can, in outstanding cases, move a female building an ootheca.Parasites: particularly imported oothecae or animals can have parasites. There room several ranges of parasitism amongst praying mantises, yet they are tiny known. However, endure has shown that plants and also / or floor from warm zones room not hazardous.Other: In most cases you can not do much against bacterial and fungal diseases and also they regularly go undetected. Often too high humidity is the reason of unsure symptoms.

If girlfriend suspect condition (lethargy, vomiting, refusal of food) I generally recommend isolating the pet from others, progressive temperature (~ 28 ° C) and also lower humidity (~ 30% loved one air humidity).

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