I typical if the fans aren't walking to check out those areas, why bother shaving them??? the is nearly as poor as the men wearing THONGS.

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For those of you the dont know, Binky Farris is Salazar. And Im guessing it wont be long prior to she/he gets banend again, due to the fact that he/she obviously makes these topics just to provoke people into flaming, and also he/she has currently been prohibition for that once.Probably best no one replies to them.
I am no Salazar. I simply asked the end of curiosity. It is a little strange the Randy Orton shaves his whole body, once he only requirements to cut his legs. I typical if anything, armpit hair provides your eight look BIGGER, no smaller. I recognize some wrestlers wax their chest, due to the fact that the hair have the right to sometimes stick come the canvas because of all the sweat. I just don't acquire why they feeling the have to remove their armpit hair and also pubes, I median its not prefer their *censored* is simply going to popular music out.If this offends anyone, i am sorry. The is simply a question and also I wouldn't think for this reason many world would acquire so insecure about discussing it.
A G-Mod has told me its been confirmed that your Salazar from IP addresses. But they chose to provide you a 2nd chance, obviously girlfriend havent adjusted at all.

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OK I will certainly admit i did have actually an old account at those forums, I simply didn't desire to tell anyone since I didn't want to cause any trouble. Anyway i don't recognize if you remember London, but the factor I was banned was since I was continuesly hating on plunder Conway. It had actually nothing to do with my other threads. I even remember number of posters and also some the the mode saying that even though some of my threads can have been understood "weird", lock were no breaking any type of rules.
Yes actually I execute remember... Due to the fact that I was the one who banned you